Top 10 Reasons Why Fishing Should Be Your Number One Leisure Activity

If you ask a fishing enthusiast, he’ll tell you what a calming leisure activity it is. However, non-anglers don’t understand this and usually pass it off as a boring activity with little or no physical movement.

But we’re here to put the record straight that fishing can, indeed, be an extremely pleasurable and a highly leisure-filled activity.

In fact, the 10 reasons we present below will help you to see fishing in a new light, as an outdoor activity:

It de-stresses you completely

If you lead a stressed-out life at work all through the week, nothing could be better than sitting with a fishing line in the outdoors amid wonderful weather, waiting for a fish to bite your bait.

Fishing de-stresses you completely

Find your inner peace and de-stress with a day of fishing in the great outdoors.

The silence around can be beautiful as you move away from the tensions of daily life and listen to the sounds of the water and the wind. If you have any worries, this is the time to stop thinking about them and just chilling out. This is by far the best way to relax and recharge your batteries.

You spend time amid Nature

Not only is it enjoyable to spend time in Nature, but the effect of being in the hushed silences of it, gives one a great sense of joy. This activity that takes place in Nature gives one a chance to breathe some fresh, pure air.

Why Fishing Leisure Activity

Experience the beauty of nature and the thrill of fishing all in one adventure

In any season, as an angler, you will understand that even if it rains a bit when you're fishing, it's still something immensely enjoyable. Moreover, fishing teaches you to respect Nature and the environment, while also honing your outdoor skills.

When you're in the midst of Nature, you realize that you have limited resources. So, you learn to appreciate what's around you and catch only enough fish for your needs, believing that there will be more when you need them in the future.

A great way to get into nature is find a hiking trail that leads to a lake or river. You can get a great in and find a great fishing spot all in the same day. Look at telescopic rods as a great way to store and carry a fishing rod on the trail.

You spend some quality family time

If you want to go out as a family and enjoy the same pursuit, often fishing proves to be ideal. This activity can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s also a great way of bonding. Children can learn useful skills like how important it is to prepare for an event, to be patient and to be persistent. 

And then, when you land the first catch, the sheer thrill and excitement of it are truly priceless.

Fishing spend some quality family time

Creating Memories: Enjoying quality family time while fishing

It is highly beneficial to health

Going out to sea to fish where the air is pure and fresh is a healthy exercise. Fishing teaches you to lead a physically active life and can also aid in longevity. By being out in the sun, it helps boost your immune system.

Fishing boosts your self-esteem

Cast Away Stress: Spending time fishing in the sun and sea can be a great way to unwind and relieve stress, while also promoting better health.

When Vitamin D works to normalize the absorption of phosphorus and calcium, it boosts our immunity. These two minerals also help the body fight disease. Additionally, it enhances cardiovascular health.

This happens when you walk around, trying out different spots to catch fish and recast your line from there. All in all, fishing is known to burn 200 calories per hour.

It boosts your self-esteem

To anyone, being out in Nature gives you a big high. Imagine the feeling when at the end of hours of waiting for a fish to bite the bait, it actually does. This gives you a sense of achievement and boosts your self-esteem.

Fishing boosts your self-esteem

Reeling in a catch after hours of waiting in nature is a priceless feeling of accomplishment.

When this happens, the body releases the feel-good hormone, dopamine and you are really happy for your achievement. And, as you know, this is a hobby for life and can be enjoyed in all phases of your life.

It’s great as exercise

When you're on a boat, fishing can be a good form of exercise. When you wade through the water and throw nets at fish for about six to eight hours a day, it's a wonderful form of aerobics. Though you may not lose weight from this activity, it will help you have better cardiovascular health.

Fishing in tune with the coastal environment

Reeling in a workout! Fishing provides a great form of exercise for your body and mind.

It's also a form of low impact exercise, what with you wading in the water while fishing. This gives you all the benefits of being mobile without any damage to your joints.

It helps you relax

If you want a calming kind of holiday or gentle break from your routine, look to fishing. It will entertain you while keeping the pace slow and easy. It also calms the mind and your brain relaxes, allowing you to focus on the one task of fishing.

Fishing helps you relax

Find your inner peace with a relaxing day of fishing.

And that’s not all. By sitting in the gentle sun for hours, you get the benefit of Vitamin D from sunlight which does wonders for your skin and bones.

It hones your motor skills

There are several intricate and small movements related to fishing. These may not be of much importance in your youth but as you grow older and your motor skills deteriorate, these will come in handy.

Fishing hones your motor skills

Mastering the art of fishing: A great way to hone your motor skills at any age!

If you’ve been fishing regularly, your motor skills will stay in shape longer. Fishing also makes use of many of your muscles that you wouldn’t normally use when doing any other kind of physical work, especially those located in your back and arms.

You learn to be self-reliant

These days, we tend to rely on others to do several kinds of functions for us every day. But out there in the waters, where there isn’t anyone for miles, you need to depend on yourself for whatever you want.

Fishing You learn to be self-reliant

When you're out in the waters, self-reliance becomes your best friend.

Fishing teaches you a variety of skills that make you self-reliant. The more involved you get with it, the more you'll be amazed to learn—imagine, not just driving a boat but problem-solving too. Such skills are transferrable into your daily life too, so you can imagine the wealth of learning fishing gives.

You’re in tune with the coastal environment

Fishing in tune with the coastal environment

Nature's melody: Time spent fishing creates a deep connection and attunement with the coastal environment.

When you spend hours fishing, you develop a deep connection with Nature and its inhabitants. You'll automatically be in tune with the marine life of rivers or seacoasts.

You'll also learn about different fish in the water, what they eat and much more.


An innocuous hobby like fishing has a lot to teach and could easily be placed at No. 1 in terms of leisure activities. Not only are you de-stressed, enjoy better overall health but also learn important skills for life. And the thrill of catching fish is indescribable. What more could one ask for?

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