7 Hammock Camping Tips: That Can Turn Any Beginner Camper To Pro

Hammock Camping Tips

Swinging into relaxation mode with hammock camping!

Want to move from ground to woods? Hammock camping has become a booming experience for adventure lovers. It can be fun, relaxing, comfortable, relaxing, versatile, convenient, and affordable.

Even if you are a hammock aficionado, these tips for gear, set-up, and hammock strategy will help you correctly pitch your hammock, stay warm and dry at night, and have the most enjoyable trip.

Here are 7 efficient camping tips that can turn any beginner camper to pro.

1. Buy the Right Hammock

Make sure that you buy a hammock which is specially modeled for camping purposes. Try avoiding the cheap knock-off's.

Look for a hammock which is made up of durable materials, is of high strength, and can handle heavy weight.

Since hammocks have become a serious gear for hangouts, the sight of these colorful slings between the woods has become more common.

So here are certain factors which you must consider while buying the right hammock -


You can choose either a single or a double. If you want to be comfortable, you should go for a double hammock.


Since you are choosing hammock for camping purposes, so make sure it is durable.


Buy a good quality suspension system on which you can completely rely.

Tents and sleep system-

The tent includes a hammock and all the accessories required to sleep overnight. So, you can also build your own sleep system.

Hammock Camping Tips

Sleeping under the stars has never been more comfortable with this hammock sleep system.

2. Try it out Before You Camp

This can be even more interesting. Don't just buy a hammock and head towards the woods for camping.

Open the package and firstly try setting it up at your home. This will make it a lot easier when you set it up at your camping spot.

This will help you make all the necessary adjustments until you are comfortable with it. Also recommended, that you sleep in it a night before you go camping with your friends.

It will help you make a lot more comfortable if you have bought a new hammock.

3. Choose The Right Spot

If you are a beginner and have no idea of where to set-up your camp, then refer to any guide which will help you choose the right spot for camping.

Don't just put up your hammock anywhere. Find the right place, and it will turn your hammock camping experience to a more enjoyable and safer one.

The trees, where you anchor your hammock, should be sturdy enough to support your weight. There should not be any loose branches above you that are likely to fall off in the cold weather or heavy wind.

Try finding a place which is away from the cold pools and blocks the wind naturally. You can go for a place with a higher altitude (Not too high where the wind is stronger).

Hammock Camping Tips

Surrounded by nature, hammock camping brings me closer to the beauty of the outdoors.

4. Pitch your Hammock Correctly

The worst mistake you can ever make is pitching your hammock in the way it does not have to be pitched. This improper pitching can put you in big trouble.

Learn how to pitch your hammock from a pro camper and try letting the hammock hang loose. A 30-degree angle to the is a good starting point. From here you can hang your hammock according to your comfort.

Pitch you hammock up to a height so that you can get out of it easily.

5. Know How to Lie in Your Hammock

It is as important as knowing how to pitch your hammock. Try to maintain the "angle of sleep" when you are lying in your hammock, and it will greatly improve your sleep.

Pitch your hammock with enough slack, and you will be able to lay at a particular angle. If you lay correctly, it will prevent your hammock from bunching up at the middle of the night.

Hammock Camping Tips

Hanging around, hammock camping is the perfect way to slow down and enjoy the moment.

6. Know The Features of Your Hammock

Every hammock you buy comes with a unique feature which you should know how to use.

  • The suspension kit- The kit should not stretch, should be dry and comfortable, and should be adjustable.
  • The bed- The bed of the hammock should be durable, mosquito resistant, and low-stretched.
  • The netting- The net surrounding your hammock should have fine holes so as to prevent even the smallest insects from entering your hammock.
  • The pockets- The pockets should be organized and should have enough space to keep your things while you go out camping.

7. Avoid the Cold Weather

This point is to be especially kept in mind by the beginners. The beginner campers should take their first couple of trips in warm weather conditions because cold weather can be tough to handle.

Hammock Camping Tips

Hammock camping: the perfect way to avoid the cold ground

This will make your first couple of trips memorable, convenient, and enjoyable. These tips will surely help you enjoy your first camping experience. Beginners need not worry.

Be confident and go prepared because hammock camping is a lot more fun when you are prepared and have everything which is required.

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