Must-Have Accessories For Inflatable Hot Tub

Have you bought an inflatable hot tub recently for which you want some accessories? The accessories you choose are bound to give you a better user experience and pamper yourself. So, what are these accessories? Let’s look for those that you’re going to enjoy having with you in your hot tub:

Best Hot Tub Accessories

Take your inflatable hot tub to the next level with these must-have accessories!

Best Hot Tub Accessories

Inflatable Crab Floating Drink Holders

You’re going to love these drink holders. First, they’re just the right size for cans and glasses. With them, you can set your drink on the surface of the water confidently.

Spazazz Eucalyptus Mint Spa and Bath Crystals

The scent of mint and eucalyptus are great in the tub. These crystals will stay safe in your tub and, being oil-free, you won’t need to worry that they will mess up your water.

Hot Tub Rails

Everyone needs a little support when climbing out of the tub or you might slip and fall. You’ll find that some tubs are accompanied by a rail. For those that aren’t, rails can be bought separately. There are also those hot tubs that have rails at the base of the tub for better support.

When buying a rail, make sure that its height matches that of the tub. You can also go with height-adjustable railsif you want to manually adjust the height of the rails.

Inflatable Hot Tub Bar

Surely you don’t want to reach out for your quota of favorite snacks and drinks when you’re comfortable in the hot tub. With a hot tub bar, you needn’t take this effort. All you need to do is to inflate it and hook it up to one side of the tub. Alternatively, float it in your tub. It is designed to hold drinks and snacks in one section and an ice bucket in another.

Hot Tub Booster Cushion Submersible Spa Water Seat

Perhaps your kids like to enjoy the hot tub experience every now and then. Whenever they do, why not make their experiences more memorable by adding a spa water seat to prop them up a bit? It’s also very comfortable for tubs made of wood. The cover of this seat is detachable and it is also machine-washable.

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Hot Tub Cover

You need to invest in a hot tub cover as it serves two important functions. One, it conserves energy so you don’t have high bills. And, it gives you the necessary protection for the tub’s water content through the process of insulation, particularly when the tub is not in use.

You can get a tub cover made of polyvinyl chloride, so it will need to be cleaned regularly, preferably once a month.

Set of Two Inflatable Spa Filter Cartridges

These two cartridges are sold together and are distinguishable by their colors—white and grey. The cartridges come with circular filters and can easily be cleaned in running water and dried before the next use.

These cartridges will help you have a much cleaner spa with thick water flow. They also ensure that they don’t strain the filter pumps and let your tub stay in pristine condition for a very long time. These cartridges, therefore, help to lengthen the life of your tub and your enjoyment in it.

Privacy Screens

There are unimaginable types of privacy screens for you to choose from. They range from very basic and inexpensive vinyl screens that are foldable and portable. They do a great job of offering you privacy from prying eyes.

If you’re looking for a permanent screen, you could invest in a trellis or fencing, or an automatic lifting hot tub cover. This is lockable and can be lowered and raised at the press of a button.

Spa Covers and Locks

A hot tub cover or one with clips that lock is an absolute must. It keeps your hot tub environment clean, it also prevents you and your kids from entering the spa accidentally. If children or animals stray into this area, the locking spa cover can prevent any danger to them.

Cover Lift

A cover lift or a lift assist is a definite buy for a hot tub. With these, the cover of your spa can be lifted far easier, even by one person. And while you luxuriate in the hot tub, they will hold the cover right out of your way, thereby increasing your enjoyment. It can also act as a privacy screenif adjusted correctly.

Spa Music System

If you love listening to music, you’re going to love having it while you soak in your hot tub. You can have it fitted near the pump and the controls of the tub so that you have quick and easy access to it.

It comes with two cup holders and buttons that are water-resistant. Rest your phone in the storage area and set up Bluetooth for music through its inbuilt speakers.


You could be all alone in your hot tub and enjoy the experience of hot water all over you. Or you could accessorize the area with some of the options given here and elsewhere and enjoy these moments more. Take your pick.

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