Easy & Effective Rules Of Using Baitcasting Reel For Beginners

You might have gleaned that using baitcasting reels is difficult for a newbie. Many a beginner sticks to the much easier spincast reels and spinning reels. Baitcasting reels help you to cast all kinds of lures with pinpoint accuracy and afford a degree of control that other kinds of lures don’t.

They are good value for money as they are long-lasting and are great for bass and most freshwater fishing. Modern technology has enabled the latest baitcasting reels to cast with reduced backlashes. Expensive baitcasting reels cast easier due to the quality components.

However, you can get the best Baitcasting Reel for the money with adequate features for around $100! It will bring a whole new dimension and take your fishing to the next level. It to have some trepidations while switching to baitcasters. But with a bit of practice, casting with a baitcasting reel will become second nature!

Here are some Easy & Effective Rules of Baitcasting Reel for Beginners-
Rules of Baitcasting Reel

Mastering the Baitcasting Reel: Tips for Beginners.

Buy The Right Equipment

You don’t have to buy the most expensive baitcasting reel available in the market. A mid-range baitcaster with adequate features will be great to start on the right note. A reel matching a 6-6 or 6-10 medium heavy rod will be versatile. Casting will be much easier for beginners and it won’t disappoint. Even after you gain experience, it’ll remain your preferred gear! 

Choose Your Line Carefully

Baitcasting reels are designed for heavy lines. 10 pounds and above work best. Lines with a larger diameter are less likely to overrun as they come off the spool much easier. As a beginner, you can consider using a 17-pound monofilament line as it handles great and is easier to work with.

Set The Reel Properly

Baitcasters today have adjustable centrifugal braking systems on one side and a tension knob located under the reel handle. You can get information from the reel instructions on how to adjust the centrifugal brakes and set the brake to zero. Most retailers will have demo reels for this purpose.

Learn To Grip

A correct grip will get you started on the right note. The best way to do it is to hold the rod perpendicular to the ground in the 9- 11 O’clock position. Once you do it, your hand will automatically grip the rod correctly.

Practice Casting Off-Water

Practice casting off-water

Get Ready to Fish: Practice Your Casting Skills with a Spinnerbait

Before you take your new reel to the water, practice on the land. The best lure to practice with is a 3/8-ounce chartreuse spinnerbait. It is the correct weight and importantly, easy to see. Anything lighter or heavier will be counter-productive.

Start with sidearm casting. It is easier for beginners. Initially aim for accuracy rather than distance. This can be easily done by maintaining a little pressure on the spool with your thumb. When you gain confidence, you can ease the pressure and cast further.

Once you have become comfortable, you can try casting overarm. Don’t forget to put pressure on the spool with your thumb as the lure approaches the ground. This will avoid line overruns and prevent the dreaded bird’s nest.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can hit the waters. Before casting, adjust the tension on the knob to suit the weight of the lure you plan to use. Make a few easy casts until you become comfortable. Practice with different types of lures and with time, it’ll become second nature.

Choose A Proper Location

As a beginner, it is good to avoid crowded fishing spots while honing your skills. Crowds distract and the fear of judgment will affect your learning. Moreover, accidents like snagging your line with someone else’s lures can be avoided.

Learn To Untangle A Birds Nest Quickly

Usually, proper casting techniques will minimize backlash and birds nest. But even professional anglers suffer from backlashing and birds nest from time to time. It will become frustrating if you are not able to untangle a birds nest quickly and efficiently.

There are several videos on YouTube that demonstrate various ways to untangle even the messiest birds nests. The sooner you learn, the better. You’ll save a lot of time and frustration.

Pay Attention To Safety And Local Regulations

Safety remains the foremost consideration for all fishermen. Always pay attention to your surroundings when you fish. There have been lots of nasty fishing accidents that could have been avoided. It is no pulling a hook out of someone’s face.

Moreover, fishing regulations are strict in the US. Know the rules before you venture anywhere to fish. In some areas, you’ll be fined heavily when caught with fishing gear near the waterbody. You don’t want to ruin your fishing after being caught on the wrong side of the law.

Enjoy Your Fishing Experience

Lastly, as a passionate newbie, fish for the joy of it. Even experienced anglers come back empty-handed after a day’s fishing or have equipment failures on some days. That doesn’t deter them from hitting the water, does it? You will become better at fishing when you enjoy the whole fishing experience whether you catch fish or not.

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