5 Best Fat Burning Outdoor Sports And Fitness Activities

Do you want to burn the fat in your body? Professional trainers recommend that an average gym-goer should spend 45 to 60 minutes in the gym. Wondering why all that time you spend in the gym on a treadmill is not paying off?

Worry not, all you need is some high-intensity training. The following are the best fat-burning outdoor sports and fitness activities you can try out.

Outdoor Activities

Sweat it out in the great outdoors with these fat-burning sports and fitness activities!


Sprinting is considered weightlifting in the running domain, so you should put some heart in it. Here is how you can do your sprint workout.


  • Jog for 50 meters.
  • Walk 50 meters back to your starting point.
  • Repeat this twice.

Sprint workout

  • Sprint for 50 meters.
  • Jog back 50 meters to your starting point.
  • Repeat this six times.
  • Do six knee tuck jumps and sprint for 50 meters.
  • Walk 50 meters back to your starting point.
  • Repeat this six times.


  • Walk for 50 meters and another 50 meters back to your starting point.
  • Stretch out when you are done.


Being in the gym can be boring, especially when you want to work out alone. The idea of having too many sweaty people around you can make your training unpleasant. Luckily, you can use hiking as an exercise drill, and here is how. 

  • Carry as much water as you can.
  • Wear the appropriate hiking gear, for example, sneakers with a good grip.


Before you embark on a hiking workout, you need to warm up to get yourself ready to minimize injuries when hiking. You can do these few warm-up exercises for 3-5 minutes.

  • Rotate your neck five times clockwise and five times anti-clockwise.
  • Raise your knees to your chest—5 times for each knee. Try to keep your posture straight for maximum exercise.
  • Do straight leg kicks five times for each leg. Remember to keep your posture straight.

Once you are done with your warm-up, it's time to go on your hiking workout.

Hiking workout

  • Start your workout by making a three quarter paced walk for about a quarter of the total uphill distance.
  • Take a long paced walk putting each knee down one at a time. Do this for another quarter.
  • Take a three quarter paced jog up you reach the top.
  • Upon reaching the top, flex your arms and legs to relax for 5 minutes.
  • Do ten squats.
  • Do 20 push-ups.
  • Do a four-count burpee.
  • Flex your arms and legs to relax for 5 minutes.
  • Once you are done, take time to view the surrounding nature. Trainers recommend that it is a good relaxation method for your mind and body.
  • Walk medium-paced down the hill while you drink your water.


It might be shocking to believe, but skateboarding is a rigorous workout. If you skate for an hour, you can lose between 300-500 calories, depending on your metabolism rate and weight. If you are looking to tone your hamstrings still, then the skateboard is right for you.

However, skateboarding can cause you severe injuries, so be sure to take your helmet to protect you from head injuries. You can even wear elbow and knee guards for extra safety too. Remember safety first!

If you are a first-timer skater, don't worry when you fall a few times before you master balancing the skateboard. Practice a lot until you master it. It's a win-win since you will be burning calories while learning. Do it for at most 10 minutes every day. Slowly increase your time to 15 minutes and 20 minutes.

If you have managed to master skating, schedule your skating time for 60-80 minutes every day. Split your total skating time into 20-minute intervals to give you time to rest and recollect your strength. Once you are done for the day, cool down with some light stretches.

Rock Climbing

Many people take rock climbing as an adventure. What they don't realize is it is useful for weight loss. Just like skating, you have to make sure you get your safety equipment with you. Climbing ropes and good grip shoes are very vital for this exercise.

Like any other exercise routine, you start by warming up. Stretch your shoulders and legs as they are the ones with most muscles working when climbing. If you are a beginner, make sure that you have had enough practice either using a ladder or a beginner wall.

Depending on your strength, you can do rock climbing for 45-60 minutes. Rock climbing requires caution, so make sure you do it slowly and carefully. Have a rope around your waist to protect you from falling after every rock climb does some stretches to relax your muscles.


Cycling is considered a fun activity but can be usefully used as a workout. On top of being tender on your back, hips, knees, and angles, cycling strengthens these lower body parts.

Professional trainers recommend mountain bikes for a good cycling workout. If it's your first time biking, consider using a less complicated path, one which you are familiar with. Consider cycling for 45 - 60 minutes, at least five days a week. For a regular biker, this is how you can ensure you have a productive cycling workout.


Take a cycling helmet with you. Take water. Check the brakes and pressure for your tires. For a rider less than 70kg, the recommended tire pressure for a mountain bike are:

  • Recommended tire pressure for an inner tube tire is 36 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) (2.5 Bar) front and 38 PSI (2.6 Bar) Rear.
  • Recommended tire pressure for a tubeless tire is 26 PSI (1.8 Bar) Front and 28 PSI (1.9 Bar) Rear.
  • If you are over 70kg, add 1PSI (0.069 Bar) for every 5kg over 70kg.


  • Do some waist stretches for 5 minutes.
  • Pedal slowly at a relaxed pace for 10 minutes. Do not stop!

Cycling workout

  • Continue from your warm-up by increasing pedaling in six 30-second intervals. Do this until you reach your maximum speed and cycle at this speed for 20 minutes.
  • Stop pedaling gradually applying brakes until your bike slows down to the warm-up speed.
  • Cycle at this speed for another 10 minutes and stop.
  • Cooldown by flexing your arms and legs for 5 minutes.

Final Verdict

According to my research, the above are considered the best fat burning sports and fitness activities by many professional trainers. They are fun, and each one of them requires full attention, which is also a training exercise to the mind. You accomplish great things spending time outside!

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