Win A Giant Catch With The Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Imagine you have gone on a fishing trip with all the necessary equipment. The bait is cast, and everything else is set perfectly. You feel a bite, start fighting the big bass, and suddenly the rod snaps! How miserable can your trip be!

Investing in equipment that doesn't fit your expertise level is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You need to focus on many crucial factors such as rod action, power, reel type, target species, etc., to have a successful fishing experience.

This is possible only when you have the best fishing rod and reel combo. We will look at some promising combos and find out how they perform. Let's get started.

8 Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Reviews Of 2024

Patience and experience aren't enough to catch those big basses. You need the best baitcasting combo to have better control over the lines. Let's explore what these rod and reel combos have offered.

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Features Highlight:

  • Material: Aluminum, Graphite, Carbon Fiber.
  • Rod Length: 6 Feet.
  • Rod Type: Spin.
  • Reel Type: 2000.
  • Reel Gear Ratio: 5.2:1.
  • Guides: 6+1.

With these powerful carbon fiber rods and lightweight aluminum spools, deep water fishing will become easier. As the handles are made of super polymer, the grip will be slip-resistant and comfortable.

With a low gear ratio of 5.2:1, this combo will be perfect for bigger baits. You can have perfect control over the line. Guides and rings will keep the line tangle-free and ensure smooth casting. They will also hold up against immense pressure when you are after a big fish.

The crank handle and spool perform smoothly. This can be the best fishing rod and reel combo for the money with all these features. The rod can be converted into two different pieces for transportation, so it will be easy to carry.

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Reel and Rod Combo

Features Highlight:

  • Material: Aluminum, Graphite, Fiberglass.
  • Rod Length: 6 Feet.
  • Rod Type: Spin.
  • Reel Type: 30.
  • Reel Gear Ratio: 5.5:1.
  • Guides: 3+1.

This is a pretty basic rod and reel combo with a lightweight design along with a sensitive and precise tip. The spool has a low gear ratio which is excellent if you lure slow-moving fish in saltwater.

It comes with a double anodized aluminum spool that can handle heavy fishing reels. The crank handle of the spool isn't that premium, we must say. But that is justified when you see the price of the combo. 

This set also has a two-piece construction like the previous combo, so it will easily carry around or store in your sheds. The rod handle is covered in a comfortable grip that is durable and slip-resistant. So, you can cast lines more confidently.

The GX2 can easily be the best saltwater fishing rod and reel combo with affordability, simplicity, and effective performance.

Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Features Highlight:

  • Material: Aluminum, Graphite, Fiberglass.
  • Rod Length: 7 Feet.
  • Rod Type: Spin.
  • Reel Type: 50.
  • Reel Gear Ratio: 4.9:1.
  • Guides: 7+1.

When you are in deep water, and after a big fish, the toughness and durability of this spinning reel and rod combo will give you the perfect balance of power and control.

The comfortable handle has EVA grips for maximum traction. It will also be slip-resistant no matter how wet the condition is. The crank handle of the spinning reel is oversized so that you can easily spin the spool.

It has seven stainless steel guides with a precise tip so the lines won't tangle while casting. The instant anti-reverse feature enhances your casting experience.

But this combo comes with a low gear ratio which isn't suitable for fast-moving fish. You can master the techniques with the best spinning rod and reel combo if you are a beginner.

Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit

Features Highlight:

  • Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Composite, Ceramic.
  • Rod Length: 6 Feet.
  • Rod Type: Spin.
  • Reel Type: 20.
  • Reel Gear Ratio: 5.0:1.
  • Guides: 2+1.

If you are up to carrying the best surf fishing rod and reel combo, you can cast wherever you get a fishing area on the way; this kit will serve all your purposes.

It comes with a moderately long rod of 6 feet and a graphite spinning reel. The rod is rated as medium to light, so you might not be able to use it for surfcasting. Aluminum ring guides on the rod will let you cast smoothly without tangling the lines.

Though you can't expect stunning performance from a combo of this price range, the reel will perform quite smoothly with just one ball-bearing drive. Overall, this set can be designated as the best travel fishing rod and reel combo for the price.

Goture Travel Fishing Rods

Features Highlight:

  • Material: Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Ceramic.
  • Rod Length: 8 Feet.
  • Rod Type: Spinning/Casting.
  • Reel Type: Not Included.
  • Reel Gear Ratio: Not Included.
  • Guides: 7+1.

The Goture spinning rod is of premium quality with a carbon fiber build when it comes to construction. Along with this, there will be stainless steel guides with a ceramic insert to prevent the lines from tangling.

Besides the guides, the rod's tip is so durable that it won't break easily. You can break the rod down into four pieces for easy transportation or storage. The spinning rod can withstand line weight from 6 to 30 lbs which is adequate for fishing a giant sea bass.

The reel isn't included with this rod, so you need to buy that separately. Due to the medium hardness and power of the rod, casting will be a lot smoother. And the chance of snapping the rod is relatively low.

ShinePick Telescoping Fishing Pole and Reel Combo

Features Highlight:

  • Material: Carbon fiber, Stainless Steel, Aluminum.
  • Rod Length: 6.8 Feet.
  • Rod Type: Spin.
  • Reel Type: 3000.
  • Reel Gear Ratio: 5.2:1.
  • Guides: 4+1.

This might be the most compact rod and reel combo you will ever find. Though the rod is 6.8 feet long, it can be retracted into a much smaller size due to its telescopic design. The carbon fiber construction makes it the best rod and reel combo for surf fishing.

Other than that, a double anodized fishing real with a low gear ratio is in the kit. An anti-reverse switch is provided so that you have better control over the line when fighting a big fish, something like a big bass or trout.

Not only the rod and the reel, this set includes a long fishing line and other accessories, so you don't need to buy anything separately. Everything comes in a convenient carry bag so that you can transport the whole set pretty easily. It can be considered the best rod and reel combo for beginners due to its simplicity.

Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Features Highlight:

  • Material: Aluminum, Foam, Graphite.
  • Rod Length: 9 Feet.
  • Rod Type: Spin.
  • Reel Type: 20.
  • Number of Flies: 9.
  • Guides: 3+1.

Fly fishing rods are a bit different from regular spinning rods. This one is made of graphite and has an aluminum reel seat at the very bottom of the rod. The total length of the rod is 9 feet.

This rod comes with 4-piece construction. There are four stainless steel guides, including the top guide. The reel coming with the combo is made of die-cast aluminum.

A total of 9 flies come in the fly box, but you can store a lot more inside. Three types of flies are included here, including three nymphs. If you are fishing in small or medium streams, this medium action fishing rod and reel combo will be suitable for smaller fishes.

Wild Water Fly Fishing Deluxe Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Features Highlight:

  • Material: Aluminum, Foam, Graphite.
  • Rod Length: 9 Feet.
  • Rod Type: Spin.
  • Reel Type: 20.
  • Number of Flies: 9.
  • Guides: 3+1.

You might confuse this combo with the previous one, but this is the deluxe version of the last fishing fly rod. Almost all the contents in the package are the same, excluding the number of flies.

There will be 18 flies in the box, which is double in number than the base model. Elements like the spool diameter, reel type are the same as the last one. You might already know; this reel comes with an adjustable disc drag that comes in handy when targeting different species.

Two tapered monofilament leaders come with the package. Other than that, you also get two retractable reels and other accessories necessary to complete the package.

Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Buying Guide

Choosing the right rod and reel combo can be overwhelming as there are endless varieties. We will focus on several crucial factors you need to consider before buying the best combo.

Rod Length

Fishing rods have a broad spectrum of sizes, mostly varying from 5 ft to 12 ft. But you need to determine the correct length depending on your expertise level or type of targets.

If you are a beginner, shorter rods will be better. They are easy to control when you are after fast-moving fish. But the casting distance will also be shortened with these rods.

Longer rods are better for experienced anglers who have better control over the rod. Casting distance increases with these rods, which are suitable for slow-moving fishes.

Going for a moderately long rod of 7 ft will be suitable for having a pleasant experience.

Rod Material

Fishing rods are commonly made of fiberglass or graphite. Fiberglass rods are a lot flexible than graphite rods, so they are more suitable for beginners. They can withstand a lot of bending without snapping. Fiberglass rods are more affordable and easier to control.

But they are heavier than graphite rods and less sensitive. So, you might not feel the bites of less aggressive fishes with these rods. Graphite rods are much more sensitive than fiberglass rods.

It takes a bit of a learning curve and experience to handle these rods. They are very brittle, so inexperienced anglers might break them quite easily.

Composite rods, made with a combination of fiberglass and graphite, are the sweet spot for most anglers out there. They are very sensitive and easy to control at the same time. So, this type of rod will be the best beginner fishing rod.

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Rod Action

Rod action refers to the bending spot of the rod under pressure. If the rod bends at the top area, it is called a fast action rod. These rods are great for sensitivity when you are after aggressive fish.

Slow action rods bend at the bottom, suitable for smaller fishes. Medium action rods bend right in the middle, and they can be used for versatile targets. These rods will make the best bass fishing rod and reel combo, for sure.

If you can't decide which one to choose, we suggest going for medium-action rods. They are convenient to control and allow you to cast baits longer.

Rod Power

People often ask, is rod power important? Let us assure you that rod power is vital. Rod power refers to the ability to take the pressure. To choose the right rod power, you need to determine your target first.

If the fish you target is large and aggressive, you will need more rod power. Light-powered rods will be suitable for smaller fishes. So, choose your rod carefully.


The handle should be comfortable enough so that you can hold the rod for longer. But it should also be sensitive so that you can feel the bites. Handles are mostly made of cork or foam.

Cork handles are more comfortable and sensitive. But foam handles are much more durable than cork handles. You need to set your preference before buying.


Though guides are tiny compared to the overall size of the rod and reel combo, they are essential to distribute the tension of the line. Most entry-level rods have stainless steel guides. But guides with the ceramic coating will be much better.

You should also check the number of guides. It will always be better to have more guides on the rod. Standard rods might come with 4-5 guides, but 6-7 guides will be more suitable.

Reel Type

The reel is the significant half of this combo. So, you need to keep an eye on that as well. You should choose one between baitcasting and spinning reels according to your fishing preferences.

Baitcasting reels can handle heavier lines, up to 300lbs, so you can use them for catching large fish. These will be the part of the set of the best rod and reel for bass fishing. Spinning reels will be suitable for smaller fishes as they can handle light lines, up to 30lbs only.

Final Thoughts

Sitting for hours and still not feeling any bites or snapping the rod while fighting a large catch can be frustrating as hell. To overcome this, you should choose the best fishing rod and reel combo so that everything stays in tune and helps you win a jackpot.

Spend some time finding the right combo that works the best for you and make sure your hard-earned money is invested in the right equipment. Next time you cast a bait, make sure the rod and reel is capable of fighting the catch.

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