Best Hang On Tree Stand Reviews 2024 With Buying Guide

Best hang on tree stand

If you are also one of those who loves to wander amidst the wild jungle with bows and arrows, then, here's something for you! Of all the options available out there in the market, you cannot resist the wide range of features you get to find in the hang on model types.

As already you know, the sole reason behind buying the best hang on tree stand is to get a perfect view of your prey and also you can get to observe the dense jungle.

It is indeed that you might need to choose the tree stand which offers great support and extreme comfort. Thus, one must spend a lot of time thinking about the priorities and then matching them with the huge variety of options available in the market.

Well, when it comes to choosing the ladder stand, you might get the required necessities and priorities satisfied. But, once you are out carrying the ladder stand you opted for, you will soon realize the silly mistake you made! Yes, it is way too heavy than it seems to look!

So, ladder stand is not suitable for the ones who want to enjoy their hunting session. Especially for the ones who love to constantly roam around for hours looking for the perfect spot with a mind-blowing view!

How about buying one of the top-rated hang on tree stand? Certainly not!

So, how do you tally your necessities with the options when your major concern is the weight of the stand?? Here it is! If you want to invest on the best hang on tree stand for the money you earned, then, here are some of the details combed up just for you!

Just so you know, you will be happy about yourself for choosing the hang on tree stand as it is cheap, affordable and reliable stand to invest your hard earned money on! So, how to decide which is the best hang on tree stand to go for?

As one struggles during the entire process of sorting out and filtering amongst the overwhelming options available, here's the quick detail which will help you choose the best hang on tree stand 2024!

5 Best Hang on Tree Stand: Comparison and Reviews

Now that you know the extraordinary features these hang-on tree stand are designed to exhibit, I bet you have shortlisted among these! So, in order to make your decision precise and super clear, we here help you in comparing the features and tally them according to your preferences.

Weight Capacity
Total Weight
Exclusive Features

Lone Wolf ALPHA Hang On




Self-leveling platform and seat

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On




Leanest lightweight stand,Spacious, roomy leg room

Millennium Treestands M150




Adjustable seat, Fold-up seat

Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting




Flip-up seat, Oversized platform

X-Stand Deluxe Hunting




Ultra-lightweight, Easy portability

So, did you get to see the entire amazing features bundled up in one comparison table? All you need to do is to prepare a list which should include all your preferences and specifications and constraints (if any).

This list surely act as a filter making you very sure of what exactly you want! Thus, you can reach out for the best hang on tree stand that is able to meet all your requirements and satisfies all your preferences!

  • Self-leveling platform and seat.
  • Easy usage, lightweight, and quiet.
Lone Wolf ALPHA Hang On II Tree stand


With an ultimate and spacious platform measuring 30''* 19.5'', this amazing stand offers extreme comfort and sufficient leg room.

In fact, this particular stand is considered as a benchmark in measuring other stands!


As this stand is lightweight, quiet, and roomy, this stand is most recommended for all types of hunters!


Now, you might be wondering how much it would weigh? After all 14 pounds! You can happily carry around the wild jungle, and we promise you won't return home tired or with sore muscles!

Self-leveling seat and platform:

In order to provide extreme comfort with added security, this stand offers you a seat and a platform which can be leveled out individually for your convenience.

Contoured foam pad:

With concern of providing you the extra comfort all day long, this stand features the contoured foam pad.

E-Z hang hook:

So as to provide various hunting options, this amazing stand offers E-Z hang hook system which helps the hunters to pre-hook some of the trees so that they don't miss out their attractive prey!

  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Great quality.
  • Meets medium range budget.

Our Opinion:

Consists of the exclusive features which meets every user's requirements.

  • Leanest lightweight stand.
  • It can be used on almost all the trees.
Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand

Easy assembly:

This leanest stand can be assembled in minutes and also as it is lighter in weight, it is damn easy to back-pack and carry around. 

E-Z hang hook:

Well, is this a substitute for Offset Bracket System?

Yes, it is! The hunters can just strap the E-Z hang hook and then they are free to hang the stand without any hassle!

As per the hang-on tree stand reviews, the hunters can plan to pre-hook among the trees with the best view and thus they can have plenty of hunting options with just one stand!

Offset bracket:

This exclusive feature lets you the total comfort by being able to provide left to right leveling option. No wonder it is one of the most comfortable tree stands!

Self-leveling system:

If you are tired of searching the "perfect, straight" tree, then, here's the feature that lets you fit the stand in the most awkward tree possible!

As the platform and the seat can be leveled out independently, you can now enjoy your hunting session with extreme comfort and total security.

  • Easy to setup.
  • Spacious platform.
  • Leanest and lightweight.
  • Can be attached to any tree.
  • Quite high priced.
  • Needs proper guidance to setup.

Our Opinion:

With these exclusive features, it sure is a must buy!

  • Adjustable & Fold-up seat.
  • Full backrest.
Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang-On

With all the amazing features being bagged in one piece of equipment, the Millenium Treestand has got something amazing which makes buying one irresistible:

V-Brace technology:

This lightweight aluminum hang-on tree stand is lighter in weight because of this technology. And no! We do not compromise on the strength and stability just to make it seem lighter!

Adjustable seat height:

This feature beats its predecessor 100! The Millenium 150 provides a seat wherein you can adjust the height between 15'' to 20''. Also, you can now enjoy the tree-angle adjustment too with 15 degrees lean.

Spacious platform:

The preliminary thing that any stand should offer is to provide a spacious, comfortable leg space in the platform. This amazing unit does it so by providing the spacious platform measuring 37''*24''!


Being the best lock-on tree stand, it is great for hunters who like to move from place to place constantly. In spite of being light in weight, this stand is designed to hold up to 300 lbs capacity!

  • Lighter in weight.
  • Quiet and strong.
  • Easy to hang.
  • Quite expensive.

Our Opinion:

With the amazing features, it satisfies every need of the customers.

  • Oversized platform & Padded Armrests.
  • Resists corrosion and rust.
Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang-On Tree Stand

As you know, the items constructed with steel is sturdy and durable which lasts long for years. Thus, this piece of equipment is a 100% steel construction to provide you the features you want!

Mesh platform:

As the spacious, roomy platform is also constructed using steel mesh, you can get rid of the mud or dirt under your boots.

Flip-up seat:

In order to comfort you, the suspension-styled seat is chosen so that it can be easily flipped up and thus you can enjoy the standing shots too.

Padded armrests:

To ensure extra comfort and security, the padded armrests are here to make your hunting session less tiring.

Foldable footrest:

This extraordinary feature can make you feel even more relaxed and stress-free especially if you have been hunting for long hours and have sore muscles. Make yourself comfortable and relieve the stress and pressure on your legs in seconds.

  • Easy to setup.
  • Resists corrosion and rust.
  • Extreme comfort.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Quite heavy.

Our Opinion:

It sure is a must buy which comes in handy for a medium range budget.

  • Ultra-lightweight & Easy portability.
  • Built-in backup straps.
X-Stand Deluxe Hunting Climbing Tree Stand


In order to make it easy to carry, these X-Stands are made of durable, lightweight aluminum.

3-part design cables:

These cables are designed to run in extrusions made of aluminum and then they will be rubber coated as a measure of safety.

Nylon washers:

According to the X-Stand reviews, the special nylon washers help the stand to be quiet and thus the hunters are able to witness the wildlife as close as possible.

Net seat:

You can enjoy comfort and security in this lightweight tree stand as it comprises net seat which can be customized up to 16'' in depth!

Easy transport:

As this amazing piece of equipment is foldable, it can be carried anywhere with the backpack straps with ease.


The platform is spacious enough measuring 27'' * 20,'' and thus you can carry on hunting with extreme comfort.

  • Padded armrest.
  • The seat can be pushed for more leg room.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Quiet and sturdy.
  • Should be handled carefully.
  • Need proper knowledge while assembling.

Our Opinion:

By bagging the beneficiary features which the customers look forward to, this lightweight stand is best suitable for every hunter.

How to Choose The Best Hang on Tree Stand?

Best hang on tree stand


Of all the necessities and requirements, one should always ensure that the item they are investing their money in is able to provide the required comfort.

Of course, the hang-on tree stands are cheaper when compared to other types of stands. But, you should always have a thorough knowledge about the alternatives and why is it the best when compared to others?

Does it satisfy your preferences? This very question also answers whether you are compromising for other reasons such as running out of budget. Remember, stretch your budget but do not ever compromise on the quality.


Another crucial factor to consider while buying the best hang on tree stand is its size. Well, choosing the size depends on the type of hunting you want to perform.

If you want to buy the best hang-on tree for bow hunting, then, you should look for the ones with sufficient leg space so that you do not get upset with the tiny area while in the middle of hunting.

If you want to hide from the prey you are targeting on, then, you may need to "squeeze" your stand, i.e., you should choose the one with smaller space. Thus, you can concentrate on your prey without being visible to it!


If you have noticed, the umpteen options available in the market boils down to one of the most indispensable factors. Yes, the weight of the hang-on tree stand!

Well, if you are one of those hunters who does not mind spending hours together watching for the prey in the same place, then, the heavy stand should not bother you.

But, some prefer to roam around the nook and corner so as to ensure the perfect view. Trust me, for these hunters, I don't recommend heavy stands! There are ample of lightweight tree stands which can ease your hunting without being a burden to carry along!

The material of the tree stand:

If you are looking for a sturdy, durable hang-on tree stand, you should go for the one which is made of steel. Just so you know, as the steel is strong and hard, it is quite heavier when compared to the aluminum hang-on tree stands.

What's the use when the hang-on tree stand you bought recently is getting rusted? Don't worry! All you need to do is to buy a hang-on tree stand whose steel tubing should be properly coated so that it is able to resist potential corrosion and to rust of the stand.

Is it quiet?

Very much underrated factor! Well, do not forget to question yourself before reaching out for your wallet. Is it quiet? If no, then, you are just pouring your hard earned bucks on something which is not at all worth spending on!

What's the use in buying the most comfortable hang-on tree stand which satisfies all your requirements but fails to be quiet while you are on your way hunting?

As animals have the sharpest ears, you should be as quiet as possible while approaching them and so should your hang-on tree stand. This makes it easier for hunting.

Safety features:

As a measure of safety, the hang-on tree stands come with the safety features (in some they are included, while in some they are not). You should remember to check with the safety harness as it is the preliminary safety system that you might ask for.

The hang-on tree stands which are able to sit 20 feet above the ground level should have guarantees so that you are ensured to return home safely.

Look for the models which give a complete package of fall arrest system so that you do not regret buying something stupid!

Advantages of Using a Hang on Tree Stand:

All it takes to secure a hang-on tree stand properly is to tighten the stand to a tree completely. Also, make sure you tie it to a tree which is healthy and strong enough to hold the weight.

Some of the advantages you can leverage by using this stand can be:


As you already know, the hang-on tree stands are comparatively cheaper than other stands. Also, you get to enjoy the exclusive features which are imposed to provide extreme comfort and security.


With its exclusive features which makes the hunter comfortable and secure at the same time, this amazing piece of equipment stands firm on its quality and performance too.

Safety precautions:

Well, most of the stands come with the full fall arrest system. Thus, you can enjoy the whole hunting period without having to be anxious about falling from the tree!

Hang on Vs. Climbing Tree Stand:

Let's compare them with some important criteria:


Well, if you are opting for a climbing tree stand, then, make up your mind and body to look for a tree which is as straight as possible with minimal or no limbs at all!

This might be an advantage if you go for best hang on tree stand which is versatile enough to suit any tree around.

Also, consider the situation of hiding yourself. The climbing trees let you climb very high without having to cut off the branches whereas the hang-on tree stands demand you to put some effort!

The hunting style:

This plays a vital role in selecting the type of stand which supports you. While some love to follow the pattern by hunting out of the same tree every year. If this is what you too follow or want to follow, then, the hang-on stand should be a perfect choice.

Most of us love to get going and constantly moving in search of some fresh sight. If you are also one of these, then, I would suggest you go for the climbing tree stands as it can be carried easily because the process involves a lot of walking.

Hang on Vs. Ladder Tree Stands:

Basically, the hang-on tree stand comes with a simple yet sturdy seat and a spacious platform. If you are ready to put some initial effort to screw the steps or even put up the climbing sticks to witness "over the top awesomeness," then, hang-on tree stands is a great choice.

If you are not willing to struggle with the sticks or screws, then, you can go for the ladder tree stands which comes with the ladder attached! So, this makes it easier while climbing up or getting down a tree without any hassle.

But, the only con of the ladder stand that might bother you especially if you are a constant mover is that it is quite bulky and weighs heavy.

So, if you want to enjoy your hunting session without returning home with sore muscles and painful legs because of constantly carrying the huge stand and roaming around the dense jungle, then, go for the hang-on tree stands.

Be cautious about the cheap hang-on tree stands. Just because they are cheaper, there is no rule that it will/will not suffice to hold on to your weight. Some might just have the capacity to bear lower weight. Thus, you should not end up disappointing yourself.

Installation Guide of Hang on Tree Stand

Checking for the right place:

Always make your best choice while choosing the right tree. Make sure:

  • You DO NOT tie up the stand against an unsafe or dead tree.
  • There is no harmful medium such as an electric pole, telephone or other man-made structures.

Setting up the climbing sticks:

You can easily set up the first two climbing sticks by standing on the ground. Now, take out your hoop and wrap it around the tree and you. You can now set the rest of the steps by climbing one above the other as you install.

Fixing the stand:

First, decide which side you want the stand to face.

Start by loosening up the straps. Now, take the top strap and wrap it around the tree. Now, work on the bottom strap and repeat the same.

Remember, these stands must be placed at least 15-20 feet above the ground level.


With the umpteen options available in the market, it is quite natural to go for the one which attracts you with its "unbelievable discounts" or "attractive look/design."

The only thing you should do is to avoid those unnecessary "treats" and start looking for the one which fits into your necessities.

Look as per to your list. The platform size, the weight of the stand, foldable or not, and also make sure that fits into your budget.

If you just love the features present added in the stand but the only problem is your budget, then, do not hesitate to extend your budget a little more.

Remember, never compromise on the stand quality just because it is being delivered to you at a cheaper or maybe cheapest price with "heavy discounts."

It is better to invest in one good choice of a stand than to keep on buying the new stands just because you compromised on the quality.

Well, there is no written rule that all the cheaper stands are bad in quality. It is just that we should be very careful while picking up the hang-on stand or any other types for that matter.

Once you are done investing your hard earned money on it is your part of the responsibility to maintain it in a regular interval. The only thing which makes a stand durable and last long is the proper maintenance.

The stand does the work for you, make sure you do the same! Well, the maintenance is the same for almost all the stands, but it is safe to go through the user's manual for clear and complete guidance.

If you do not keep it clean and healthy, it might get weakened by the accumulation of dirt all over and who knows what might happen in the middle of the hunting session if the corroded surface begins to make noise!?

Always make sure you try the stand before reaching out your wallet to make the payment. Buy the stand only if you feel comfortable using it.

Cross check the alignment once you are done installing and setting up the stand. Thus, you can be sure about the stand being perfectly placed.

There should be something special in the stand you choose which should be capable of making the hunter inside you happy, relaxed, focused, and comfortable! So, what kind of hunter are you? Which according to you is the best hang on tree stand? Let us know! Happy hunting!


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