6 Best Military Compass Updated Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

Best Military Compass

Never lose your way with this top-of-the-line military compass.

Compass is an instrument which mainly uses to navigate the direction of the geographic cardinal or points. In this Military compass is the most precision instrument which mostly use to follow the topographic map.

It will guide you in such a way that you can reach any destination with full confidence. So, it is essential to choose the best military compass always.

Are you looking for the best compass to suit your exact requirements? Then you first need to know for what reason you need a compass?

Most often these compasses are designed in a generic manner, but some basic tips can be discussed below that are often individualistic to a certain type of compass:

  • This lensatic compass usually comes in two illuminations like tritium and phosphorescent. These are good for night navigation.
  • Tritium is mainly used by the military because it does not need a periodic recharge for light. When anyone shoots at you that time turning on the sun is the best so that opposition cannot able to shoot you.
  • The non-military purpose there are compasses made by Cammenga. It is very cheap and does not need all-night illumination.

Lensatic compass will help you even you are traveling with a GPS unit. Where electronics go fail there, also you will reach your destination safely with a map and compass. It uses as a major calculating instrument. 

6 Best Military Compass: Comparison and Reviews

Material type
Special Feature

Eyeskey Multifunctional Military Army Aluminum

174 grm


Aluminum alloy

Metal Sighting Navigation with a clinometer

Ueasy Military Compass,

176 grm


Aluminum alloy

Multifunctional with telescope

Eyeskey Multifunctional Military Metal

170 grm


Aluminum alloy

Inclinometer with diopter sighting

SE CC4580 Military Lensatic

90.5 grm


Thermo-elastic liquid filled capsule

Prismatic SIghting with diopter lense

Sportneer Military Lensatic

179 grm


Aluminum alloy

Portable, tough and Military issued

SharpSurvival Best Camping

4.54 grm



Compact with Copper casing

Rough terrains and bad weather are not easy to handle. Needing a compass that can handle rough handling is very important when you have a very densely intense road ahead.

One of the best known tactical compasses, the eyeskey Multifunction Military army Aluminum Alloy compass has been tried and tested through some of the most extreme experiments.

If you have to globetrot through deserts to glaciers, Eyeskey is the perfect choice for you.

It is suitable for use in extreme weather conditions varying from -20 degree Celcius to up to 50-degree Celsius.

In fact, if you are traveling through the night and low light is an issue, the Fluorescent dial design will provide sufficient enough illuminance to move through the terrain. The low maintenance of up to 5 yrs makes it a definite user-friendly travel gear.

Eyeskey Aluminum Alloy compass is a military grade compass for a reason. It is designed with additional features like Clinometer and vertical lubber line. These two features of the Eyeskey military compass allows accurate height and slope mapping of the terrain along with a precise 1-degree resolution.

Key Features

  • Thermo-elastic liquid-filled capsule with floating dial.
  • Rotating bezel ring.
  • Built-in bubble level.
  • Tripod screw hole on base.
  • Adjustable diopter sighting lens.
  • Sighting lines on a cover.
  • Conversion chart for angle, gradient & distance on the back plate.
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy.


  • Durable and sturdy outer body casing for rough handling.
  • Extreme weather condition usability.
  • 360-degree scale with Floating compass dial.
  • Night vision compatible.
  • Terrain mapping.


  • Color option is limited to Black and Green.
  • Non-Magnetic.

A real traveler is a minimalist, so products with multi usability is their first priority. Keeping in mind this simple motto, the Ueasy Military Compass was created. If you have the same thoughts choosing this military issue compass will be the right choice for you.

This Military surplus compass can be used as a Telescope if needed. Along with it is an additional attachment of custom designed ruler for distance measurement on maps. Different angles and gradients can also be easily calculated due to the conversion chart fitted on the back panel.

With fluorescent light dial, you will not have to carry an additional source of light for night visibility. Adding to that is the oil filled capsule on which the dial floats. In case you are hanging upside down from a cliff, this best military compass will provide accurate mapping in any angle or situation.

Created for military use this Magnetic compass is perfect if you are an adventure or thrill seeker. Built for heavy duty purpose, Ueasy Military Compass is waterproof as well as shockproof. Carrying it on your rafting, fox flying or paragliding tour will only ensure you are moving in the right direction whatever the situation.

Key Features

  • Size: 95*66*28mm.
  • Aluminum Metal.
  • Waterproof and shake proof.
  • This compass with luminous display inside, convenient night clearly viewing.
  • Sighting window with sighting line.
  • Reference table to estimate distance and scope.


  • Magnetic.
  • Waterproof and shockproof.
  • Bezel ring attachment.
  • Multipurpose usage.


  • Single color option.
  • Heavyweight.

Getting lost while trekking or walking through a dense trail is perhaps our biggest fear. GPS is not always functional especially in deep caverns and creeks or places with low accessibility. Military grade compass easily can help you get over this fear.

In fact, Eyeskey Multifunctional Navigation Military Compass is one of the best tactical compasses that is extremely user-friendly and easy to use while moving through unknown terrains. As it has a robust metallic outer casing, it can easily withstand falls, scratches, and water without losing its functionality.

The military compass comes with a tripod screw hole attachment that is exclusive to this model along with an adjustable diopter lense for better visibility.

The inclinometer of this best military compass is definitely praiseworthy. The high precision accuracy up to 0.5 degree makes it perfect for professional explorers and beginners of adventure sports alike.

The fact that it comes with full money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase in case you are unhappy with it, gives it an additional positive note.

Key Features

  • Made of high strength engineering metal.
  • Thermo-elastic liquid-filled capsule with floating dial.
  • Rotating bezel ring.
  • Ruler units on the sides.
  • Tripod screw hole on base.
  • Adjustable diopter sighting lens.
  • Sighting lines on the cover.
  • Conversion chart for angle, gradient & distance.


  • Presence of Inclinometer for precision slope detection.
  • Strong protective Aluminum Casing.
  • Adjustable diopter lense.
  • Waterproof and shake proof.


  • Heavy.
  • The absence of Thumb loop for sturdy handling.

If you are wondering what compass does the military use, then you need not research any further. SE CC4580 Military Lensatic Compass is one of the only few military issue compass that is popular among the non-militants even.

Unlike other professional military grade compass, the SE CC4580 uses thermo-elastic liquid filled capsule instead of the regular oil based capsules.

This ensures that the floating dial gives pinpoint accurate directions instead of nearest direction approximation.

The heavy-duty camouflage print cover ensures that the compass always remains out of sight of any predatory glances. Additionally, it definitely gives the compass a professional military outlook that many of us love. Afterall who does not love the camo gears, be it bags or shirts.

The folding thumb ring ensures better grip while moving along the uneven terrain and the tripod screw hole enables one to fix it at a sturdy position when needed. This tripod enabled military compass is perfect for those situations where one needs to sit and measure the distance, gradients, and angles in a map without letting uneven calculations hamper the mapping.

As one of the best lensatic compass, the SE CC4580 is not only waterproof and shockproof but also sighting lense and conversion chart for far more superior accurate mapping.

The lightweight water-resistant nylon pouch ensures that the device is protected from unnecessary ailments when not in use.

Key Features

  • Thermo-elastic liquid-filled capsule with floating dial.
  • Rotating bezel ring.
  • Ruler units on the sides measuring inches and centimeters.
  • Folding thumb ring.
  • Tripod screw hole on the base.
  • Adjustable diopter sighting lens.
  • Sighting lines on the cover.
  • Conversion chart for angle, gradient, and distance.
  • Heavy-duty digital camouflage print cover.
  • 36” Lanyard.
  • Water-resistant nylon pouch.


  • Fitted with 36” Lanyard.
  • Additional water-resistant nylon pouch.
  • Prismatic Sighting enabled.
  • Ruler unit attachment for centimeter and inch calculations.


Being branded as a US army compass certainly needs a few criteria to fulfill. Sportneer Military Lensatic Compass certainly fulfilled all the necessary criteria to be given such an honorable title.

It is important to know where you are going exactly even though the excitement of the unknown seems a happier choice.

Getting lost can not only threaten your lives but also makes you easy prey to any dangerous situation.

Sportneer’s military grade lensatic compass not only makes it easy for you to move in the right direction but also helps in planning the route too. With the expert positioning system and accurate gradient, angles and slope detection, one can create a 3-dimensional map to plan the route of travel.

The new upgraded version of the compass has a slope meter which is a boon to the rock climbers and engineers who often have to work with slopes and tilts. The durable and robust outward covering prevents it from damages and cracks.

It is a perfect choice for all kind of outdoor activities like camping, trekking, rafting, rock climbing, emergency location detections, etc. as it is portable, compact and comes with an attachable belt loop. The belt loop attachment works perfectly for climbers, especially since their upper limb functionality is limited.

Key Features

  • In clinometer for uneven and angled location assessment.
  • pouch for hand free carrying.
  • Rugged outlook.
  • Military grade compass.
  • Waterproof up to 20 ft.
  • Lensatic sighting.


  • State of the Art Lensatic Technology.
  • Glows in the Dark.
  • Waterproof and shockproof.
  • Additional belt loop attachment.


  • Non-Magnetic.

We all love army compass. From their rugged outer look to their robust and sturdy appeal, they are the perfect travel companion if you wish to survive the exploration of unknown trails and routes.

SharpSUrvival Glow in the dark military Compass is unlike any other you have seen before.

What makes it unique is the perfect blend of old-world history and new world technology that has been perfectly amalgamated into this military issue compass.

Look wise, the SharSurvival lensatic military compass is similar to an old school pocket watch. Lined with a shiny copper outer sheathing it certainly captures the onlooker’s attention. However, it is the combination of features and looks that makes it a very interesting travel compass.

The compass constantly keeps glowing in low light or dark condition to allow maximum visibility without needing an additional light source. Precise north directing arms never fail to guide one through the terrain.

Being much smaller and more compact in design, this army compass suits smaller hands perfectly well. Especially in the case of women travelers who are known to have smaller hands, this military compass is perfect.

Perfectly shock and water-resistant feature make it a great camping gear, especially if you are navigating through fast waters or mountainous slopes.

Key Features

  • Pocket Size and lightweight.
  • Vintage look.
  • Copper casing.
  • Glow in the dark.
  • Accurate interpretation.
  • suitable for smaller hands.


  • Easy to carry.
  • Compact design.
  • Copper casing.
  • Glow in the dark.
  • Waterproof.


  • Absence of Inclinometer.

How to Use a Lensatic Military Compass The Right Way

Military Compass

Navigating with precision: mastering the art of the lensatic military compass.

When deciding to buy a military compass, you must know how to use it. Knowing some of the steps for using the Lensatic military compass will make it easier. Read our definitive steps for using a Lensatic military compass.

Step 1: After opening the compass, it will be at a 90-degree angle, and the lens bracket will be at a 30-degree angle. Make sure that the dial is floating correctly.

Step 2: Place your thumb in the thumb loop.

Step 3: Lift the compass to eye level.

Step 4: Line up the distance with the slight wire and focus on the center through the lens bracket.

Step 5: Set the azimuth while keeping the compass still. There are two number sets - degrees indicated in red and mils indicated in black. The face line compass indicates degrees.

Step 6: Turn the angle so that the movable line can move with the north arrow.

Step 7: While walking, keep the line and arrow together to indicate your traveling direction with the non-movable line through the compass face.

Practice is necessary to learn the courses. If you lose sight, stop, locate a new starting point, and begin again. Do not use a compass near a magnetic field, as it can affect your readings."

How to Use a Lensatic Military Compass[Video]

The Uniqueness of Military Compass: What Makes it Different Than The Rest?

A different way to use only to make military compass unique. You can experiment with the ways whichever is best for you.

Compass to Cheek:

You need to press your thumb in thumb loop then index the finger on the body of the compass and provide support with other fingers. You need to get compass close to your eye because thumb loop must touch to your cheek.

Two-Hand Hold:

Put your thumb on the thumb loop and hold it through the other hand. Place your other hand between the compass body and lens.

Now you must keep your elbows tight and concentrate to the point of compass for correct direction so that you can move your body in the same direction.

One-Hand Hold:

In this, you will be using your one hand, it may become easy, but it will be less accurate. You even need to stick your thumb in the thumb loop or some time you can put it to your eye. Depending on your need you can act.

Compass on Map:

In this, you need to put the map and place the compass on the top. Then make sure that you made a compass in the correct direction and parallel to north or south. Then you can rotate the map as per the requirement.

The Advantage of Military Compass: Why Choose it?

Lensatic compass is mainly used by Military people. This mostly uses in “shooting azimuths” for determining the correct direction. There are many advantages which are discussed below:

Navigating in The Unknown:

It will navigate you from your familiar angle, but if that is unknown to you, then you can use the method called triangulation. You need to select two distinct positions to identify the features like north and south.


The modern Lensatic compass is very portable, does not have any weight which provides more comforts. It will fit in your pocket and also come with a strap which you can put to your neck.


You can establish your direction by your own and if you are away from town also compass will navigate you correctly without an electrical power source.

Rapid Orientation:

Your Lensatic compass will give you reading faster how the GPS gives a fast reading. Any time you can start the compass, and it will take you to the final destination.

Military Compass vs. Civilian Compass:

Civilian compass is very general compass which you can use when you go for a long ride inside the country without any plan. Whenever you want, you can stop the compass, and explore the view and after that, you can start the compass again to begin your journey henceforth.

Most of GPS device shows your direction when you start moving, but this digital compass shows your path with complete accuracy.

Using compass is not so easy like downloading an app in your phone, but it will not lose connection or never run out of the batteries. Using a compass and navigate properly is a skill which you will get after practice.

How Accurate is a Military Compass?

Military compasses are designed to be highly accurate and reliable in the field. They use a series of rotating dials and a sighting lens to take precise readings of magnetic north.

When used correctly, military compasses can be accurate within a few degrees. However, their accuracy depends on several factors, including the skill and experience of the user, the presence of nearby magnetic objects (such as metal objects or power lines), and the quality of the compass itself.

Overall, military compasses are considered highly accurate and reliable field navigation tools.


Using compass is not so easy like downloading an app in your phone, but the best feature of a Compass is that it will not lose connection or never run out of the batteries.

Using a compass to navigate properly is a skill which you will get after practicing for some time, but it will never fail you under any circumstances. Military compass is not just popular for being accurate, but also for their longevity and tough body that seldom deteriorates under any and every harsh condition.

These compasses always play a vital role in an individual’s life. In any situation, you may need a compass for knowing your location.

These are some of the best military compass ones can definitely put a safe bet on. Their story started about three thousand years back, and still, it exists but what makes them the best of the lot is that they have been improving and getting better with each year.


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