Big Game Tree Stands “The Fusion” Fixed Position Tree Stand

Big Game Tree stands is one of the incredible lightweight tree stands. The durability of the tree stand is also incomparable. As the stand is constructed with the alumni-lite aluminum, it is light- weight tree stand on the others hand, it is stronger enough.

The fusion climber is both durable and comfort. Measurement of the foot spacious is 20.5" wide x 29.5" deep. The seat boast has a perfect combination of deep x 2" thick seat cushion set and wide x 11."

The nested design tree stand

The tree stand is splendid to look as it is nested. When a hunter goes to hunting hanging the tree stand on his back, one does not understand that it is tree stand, it looks too simple as it is nested. The weight is also limited so the hunter can easily bear this.

Affordable price

When you go to purchase the best tress stand, you must bring the price into consideration. Some tree stand is too expensive and some are too chief. You should never compromise the quality with the price, when you go to purchase tree stand, you must maintain a balance between price and quality. Big Game Tree stands are perfect both price and quality. It maintains enough quality, on the other hand, the price is also affordable.

The weight of the Big Game Tree stands is only 21 lbs. But it can carry 350 lbs. simply. The adjustable backpack strap gives an unlimited chance of moving everywhere.

Among all other features of the Big Game Tree stands, some are highly remarkable. Such as

  • Thick padded seat
  • Reinforced Nylon Netting
  • Including Accessories bag
  • Backpack straps

Besides these features, all other features are also mentionable. If you are interested much in knowing others, let you know the details.

Customer Reviews

Byfiresfunon is one of the verified purchasers; he said that he had spent 5 hours in a day. At that time, he was 280 lbs. at that time. He mentions that the seat was stable enough, there was no issue of complaining. The thick padded seat was interesting enough. Overall, he was happy having this tree stand.

Bill B.on says that the tree stand is high. The weighing capacity is 300 pounds.


Q: What is the measurement of the foot platform?

A: The size of the foot platform is 20.5″ wide x 29.5″.

Q: Why is the adjustable backpack necessary?

A: The adjustable backpack is a vital part of a climber, he Can carry a lot of accessories with the backpack.

Q: What is the weight limit of the Big Game Tree stands?

A: The weight limit of the backpack is 350 lbs.

Final word:

Big Game Tree stands are constructed with ultra-high aluminum. The tree stand is both comfort and strength. The cable of the tree stand is both flexible and reliable. The Lynx Deluxe expanded metal is stronger enough. So the climber who use this always feels confident to climb the tree and stay a long time for the sake of hunting.

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