The Five Essentials Of Mountain Camping

Embracing the great outdoors on a mountain camping trip.

There’s nothing better than heading off on a camping trip with your friends and family to truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors. Whether you’re a camping veteran or this is your maiden voyage, there is a lot to think about when you’re planning a camping trip in the mountains.

Mountain camping is arguably one of the most rewarding camping experience, offering campers breathtaking views and once-in-a-lifetime experiences but it also requires some particular equipment to ensure you are safe and that you have fun.

When you choose to use a fully-equipped campsite for your adventure, it takes the stress out of planning as you know exactly where you are going and what to expect when you get there. However, mountain camping requires a lot more preparation ahead of time to ensure that you are ready for whatever might lay ahead.

The weather in the mountains can change in an instant, you could be dealing with a multitude of terrain and you might not have many facilities available to you. However, with a little forward-thinking, you can be sure that you will maximise your time camping in the mountains.

Continue reading to learn about the five essentials of mountain camping to ensure that you are ready for your next adventure.

The Right Tent

The tent you choose to bring on your trip will make or break your experience in the mountains. You need a tent that will provide adequate protection for you and your group from the elements.

Choose a tent that is waterproof and preferably that is double-layered. This will offer more protection in the rain. It’s also wise to look for a tent with a porch so you can utilize this additional storage space for rain if you do get caught in nasty weather. Unless you want to literally be sleeping under the stars, you’re going to want some cover.

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Prepare For Emergencies

Of course, you will want things to go smooth sailing when camping, however, this will not always be the case and you need to be prepared for any potential problems. A first-aid kit is essential and should have everything you need to treat most minor injuries.

You should always carry extra water and food with you in case you are stuck waiting for help. Finally, a head torch and an emergency blanket or bivvy are always important. These are cheap to buy but they could save your life if you get into trouble in the mountains.

Don’t Go Hungry

Depending on how long your trip will take, you’ll need to pack enough food and water to sustain you and your fellow campers. Always be sure to pack extra, just in case you have to extend your trip because of an unforeseen event or any other issue. Having enough food and water will help to keep your energy levels and your spirits up if you are stuck in the mountains for longer than intended.

A Light Source

When the sun goes down and you’re camping in the mountains, it gets dark fast! Being this far away from any major towns or cities, there are very few light sources to help you to see and navigate around your campsite.

A good headlamp is essential and ideally, you should have at least one headlamp between every two campers. You may also consider other portable lighting solutions like battery-powered lanterns to light up your campsite and keep everyone safe when the sun goes down.

Dress Appropriately

In order to reach your campsite safely, you will need to have the right attire. Being out in the mountains, the temperatures can change quite quickly so it’s important to have plenty of layers to stay warm.

Try to choose quick-drying clothes, lots of layers, and a good pair of hiking boots to ensure that you are prepared for the environment you will be exploring. With the right attire, you can be sure that you will be comfortable, warm and dry throughout your mountain adventure.

Head Off On Your Next Mountain Camping Trip Ready For Adventure

The mountains are notoriously unforgiving. If you fail to prepare correctly, you can be sure that your camping experience will be anything but enjoyable. Taking the time to plan out all of the details ahead of time will allow you to take to the mountains with more confidence ready to fully embrace the adventure with your campmates.

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