The Gears You Must Need To Climb The Trees

So, all ready to refresh your childhood memories? Be it a goofy climbing or for a professional reason, climbing the trees sure brings back our lost childhood but with a twist!

Remember how we used to climb the trees by monkeying around carefree and without any fear? Now, as a grownup, we are glad to have a package of the gears that will help us climb the trees safe, comfortable, and hassle-free.

So, for all the newbies who are trying to gather appropriate gears to accomplish the mission to climb trees, here are some:

What do you need to wear?

What do you need to wear in Climb the Trees

From harnesses to spikes - the gears you need for tree-climbing success!

A helmet

Working from top-to-bottom, a sturdy helmet is the first one to appear. Having to have easily neglected, the helmet is ought to save you from potential danger. Giving a brisk coverage to your overall head, the helmet lets the chill breeze to flow through its small openings. As it is lighter in weight, you should not feel a thing!

A pair of climbing pants!

No kidding! Yes, I agree that a normal pair of pants would do the job, but, having a pair of climbing pants is recommended. As the climbing pants are usually designed with the elastic material, this helps in avoiding the dangerous hazards.

The trees are filled all over with branches, twigs, and an uneven, rugged surface. Thus, climbing a tree by coming over all such obstacles can be quite tiring.

You can be injured when focusing on so many things surrounding. Thus, a pair of climbing pants come in handy as it is durable, elastic, and climber-friendly!

Harness to the rescue!

Having it prepared by using the Nylon 66, the harness is a safety lock for every tree climber. Choosing the right harness forecasts how does your climbing session goes!

Yes, a good quality harness ensures to safeguard you from falling down or other accidents. While, if you go for a cheaper quality harness, then, you are probably in a danger.

The boots!

Now, by boots, it doesn't mean those fancy, funky boots! You need to invest in a pair of climbing boots.

To be honest, climbing boots are similar to normal boots but with added beneficial features. It is quite an obvious fact that the surface of the tree is nowhere similar to the lad, floor, other terrains.

Thus, to climb on the tree's surface which has a different feel needs some additional safety features. The climbing boots are specially designed giving the top priority to safety, comfort, and reliability.


No, not the one with the hairstyle! Here, spikes refer to the one which helps the people to take the support of the tree.

You will be seeing yourself wearing these modern spikes on your feet when you are all ready to climb the tree.

Since deciding an angle to cling onto the tree can be quite tricky, you should enrich yourself with a bit of know-how.

In most cases, the beginners tend to spot the spike in such an angle that rather than taking the support, there's a chance that they can be the other way around! So, to avoid such cases of slipping out, it is better to spot wherein you shouldn't appear too close to the tree.

What essentials should you be carrying?

What essentials should you be carrying

When it comes to tree-climbing, these are the essentials!

First Aid Box

Of all the other tools, the preliminary set of kit you should make sure to carry is the first aid kit. Make sure you get all the basic essentials right in the box before leaving. Also, check if the medicines you carry have not crossed the expiry date.

A Rope of Hope!

Literally! Well, you might say that a regular rope is also capable of making you reach the top. Yes, but, with a lot of pull-ups, fall downs! With a climbing rope, you can easily climb up a tree without any hassle!

Since the materials used in the climbing rope make the climbing rope flexible, long-lasting, and durable, getting one is necessary!

A Gear Bag

Imagine you have almost climbed up a tree and you just need a rope clip to be changed. What will you do? Were you planning to go down all the way? No way! Having a gear bag is like calling for Santa! This "Santa" has all your "climbing gifts" stored in it!

No wonder that all the other kinds of bags are capable of storing the tools just like this gear bag. The gear bag is designed to be lighter in weight, comfortable, and climber-friendly so that a climber while carrying it does not get annoyed!


Having to have collected the right gears, you can have a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable climb. Of all the tremendous options out there, make sure you pick the right one, the useful ones.

You will get to see a bunch of varieties out in the market. But, make sure to go with the one that fulfills your needs and requirements.

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