Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe Hunting Climber Tree Stand

No doubt that climbing tree is an arduous work which requires the strength of upper body and skill, sturdy gloves.

But when one is an owner of Guide-Gear-Extreme-Hunting-Climber, he is not worried about tress climbing. He can realize how much easier and simpler the work is?

guide gear extreme deluxe hunting climber tree stand

Let’s know the details why the guide gear climber has changed the concept. Tree stands have changed the idea of a man about climbing. All the tress stand does not keep a role in the same way.

Some are faulty, risky and dangerous too much. Unlike others banal tress stand, Guide Gear® Extreme Deluxe Hunting plays the roles in an excellent Way, its coherent features, its sturdy metal frame, its padded back rest, and armrest makes itself outstanding.

What Impressed Me Must

I cannot but mention, its nested design, what awesome it looks. When climber walks hanging the tree stand his back, it does not seem that it is a tree stands rather it seems a back pack because of its simplicity. But when a climber is ready to climb, he separates the two parts from nested equipment. Then climb over the tress swiftly and safely.

Guide Gear® Extreme Deluxe Hunting maintains High quality. It is solid Build frame trees stands, so it is a last-longer. The sturdy steel frames last long a couple of years. The padded armrest and backrest provide comfortable enough to the user.

The weight capacity is 300 lb. so any sized guy can climb on this trees. The foot plat- form provides enough room to move.

As a result, you should never think of the blood circulation of the body, at the time of waiting for the hunter, you can move all the parts of your body such as leg, hands, neck and others parts of the body. The size of the foot-plat form is 19" x 26".

The nylon foot straps are also adjustable. It is perfect for quick, easy climbing. It also maintains the full body harness. Cam-buckle straps are used to look the seat and foot platform in place.

Let you know the specific feature of the Guide Gear® Extreme Deluxe Hunting. Your quick look at the tree stands gives you more confidence

  • Constructed from sturdy steel.
  • 10" x 17" sling seat with 1" thick foam.
  • 19" x 26" foot platform provides enough room.
  • 300-lb. weight capacity is worthy of bigger guys.
  • Quick, easy climbing with the nylon foot straps.
  • The foot and seat platforms in place.
  • Includes full-body safety harness.
  • Padded armrests and climbing seat bar.
  • 18" x 14" padded backrest.
  • Nests for easy transport and storage.
  • Weighs 33 lbs.
Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe Hunting Climber Stand

Reach new heights in your hunting game with the Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe Hunting Climber Tree Stand.

Built to Sportsman's Guide's exact specifications, Guide Gear® stands for dependability, long-lasting quality, and unmatched value! Guaranteed!


Specific features:

  • Construction: Steel.
  • Weight Capacity: 300-lbs.
  • Backrest: 18" x 14".
  • Weight: 33-lbs.Platform Size: 16" x 26".
  • Seat: 10" x 17".
  • Includes full body safety harness.

A hunter may have hunted using different types of climber such as tripods, fixed stand, and ladder. But very few are enjoyable like the tree stands, very are secured like the seats, very few are comforts like the beck rest and foot rest. Overall, this is an excellent equipment to every hunter.

Customer Review:

What are the opinions of the user about the guide gear? The user is blessed with the tree stand. Someone has objected that the platform is bigger. But it is not bigger for healthy guys. It goes for the light-weighted person.

“Someone says that it is comfortable enough, it is not big, and rather it was difficult to go in and out.”


Q: Is it fit for every season?

Ans: The tree stand is fit for every season, as it has plastic wrapped cord, it is sturdy enough. Even in the snowy and icy area, and you can use this.

Q: Is it fit for big tress?

Ans : it can be used up to 20” tress. So it does not matter of worry.

Final Verdict:

Guide Gear Extreme Hunting Climber is one of the best tree stands. The climber choose this. Because it is an exceptional and incomparable tress stand. Its solid built and light weighted constructed Frame inspire the climber too much.

The most noticeable factor that a hunter can wait, stand, sit and take rest using this stands on the tress.

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