How To Cast A Spincast Reel

If you are new to fishing, a spincast reel is the best option to ease yourselves into the sport. Unlike the baitcasters, spincast reels are easy to cast and give you minimum tangles or backlashes. Moreover, they are inexpensive and easy to maintain. These qualities make them extremely popular with newbie anglers.

For all fishermen, casting is a crucial part of angling. If you don’t get the casting right, your day’s fishing will be ruined. However, you can learn to cast correctly by getting to know the technique and practicing in your backyard or a park. Read on to find out how -

How does a spincast reel work

Mastering the art of spincast reel casting in just a few simple steps!

How does a spincast reel work?

These reels are of two types- spincast and undercast or underspin reel. All spincast reels have a button at the base. It is positioned perfectly to allow your thumb to access it while holding the rod. The button controls the release of the line. You must press and hold it before casting and release it at the right time to let the line fly.

The basic premise is that when you hold the button during the forward motion of your rod while casting, the line with the lure or bait attached to it will build up forward momentum. When you release the button at the right time, the forward momentum will make the line fly in the direction of the cast.

Once the line settles on the water, you need to engage the reel by turning the handle to pull in the line to avoid a slack line. You need to get the timing of the hold and release right until your cast becomes efficient. Most newbie anglers get the hang of it after a few casts. With a bit of practice, you will become adept at using a spincast reel.

One thing to note is that many seasoned anglers avoid using the release button. Instead, they control the line’s release by holding the line with their index finger against the rod’s grip while casting. With experience, this technique will give you more control while casting.

Casting steps

  • Hold the rod in a horizontal position with your dominant hand.
  • Reel in slowly until you have about a foot of line hanging from your rod’s tip.
  • Ensure that the line roller is aligned with your rod.
  • Use your index finger to pull the line off the roller while holding it against the rod’s grip. You can also use the release button at the reel base to hold the line in place.
  • Maintain the grip and flip the reel’s bail up with your free hand.
  • Bring the rod up to around 100* (just past vertical).
  • Use a forward motion and let the line free when the rod is at around 45* angle.
  • Reel in once the line settles on the water to reduce any slack.

Spincast vs. undercast reels

A spincast reel sits on the top of a fishing pole, whereas an undercast reel is situated underneath. If you strip them, you’ll see that both follow the same mechanics. For casting, both types require the same techniques. Both have a drag adjustment mechanism to control how much a fish can pull on the line. All this is encased in a metal nose cone.

The ergonomics of an undercast reel makes it a popular choice among anglers. However, all people are not created equal. It is recommended that you try both types and settle on what’s most comfortable for you.

Final thoughts

Though spincast reels are considered newbie reels, they have their uses. They are versatile and can handle a wide variety of lures. They are great for fishing under overhanging vegetation as they allow for a sidearm cast.

They can take heavy lines and have serious pulling power. All serious anglers have a spincast reel in their arsenal. They use them for testing the waters and fishing with light lures.

Once you learn the other aspects of fishing, like reading the water and using different types of lures, you’ll get better at fishing. One day you’ll reach a stage where you’ll be wanting a more accurate reel. You can then consider switching to the more precise but complex baitcaster reels. Until then, the spincaster will serve you well.

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