How To Clean And Care Your Hunting Boots

You must be thinking that your bravo hunting boots are meant to get filthily dirty. You can let it be so only if you are ready to invest in another brand-new pair of hunting boots.

Well, if you are not so keen on keeping them clean and showering some amount of love on them, then, you will soon see yourself paying for another expense!

By investing some small amount of time in quickly cleaning the current pair of hunting boots, you can totally avoid the unnecessary expenses to buy yet another one. So, ready for the cleaning process? Here you go:

How to clean leather hunting boots?

Ready to take on the great outdoors with these polished leather hunting boots!

Brushing the hunting boots

The very first thing is, of course, getting rid of mud, dust, and debris on your boots. So, use a damp and soft cloth to start with. Then, you can continue fine cleaning with the help of a nylon brush.

You can use an old toothbrush to clean around the crevices of the laces of your hunting boots.

And some more precise cleaning

It is better to remove the foot beds of your hunting boots as you do not want them to take forever to dry up!

Now, clean off mud or any filth if still present by using a soft cloth dipped in mild soapy water. (Remember, neither too much nor too less)

If you own suede leather boots, then, follow these steps:

You should skip all the steps where water is involved and thus, you can give a super clean effect by:

Dipping a tiny feather duster in mixture water and mild soap. Now, start by cleaning through the inside of your hunting boots. Well, this comes in handy if you had a bad day by stepping in a deep muddy pool that made you soak the boots interior too!

Deep cleaning

Just fill in the boot’s interior with water and start a gentle scrubbing by using the old toothbrush.


The hunting boots might take several hours to dry completely. Don’t let them dry in the sun. For a quick fix, try using a hairdryer which definitely can speed up the whole drying process.


Making the boots dry quickly might lead to cracking of the leather!

How to clean non-leather hunting boots?

Rinse the rubber hunting boots

Here, the cleaning process is easier and worry-free as it does not involve cracking and drying out of the boots! So, start by rinsing the hunting boots and get rid of mud, debris.

Sprinkling baking soda

After you give a thorough wash, sprinkle some baking soda on it, and start cleaning them with a nylon brush to remove any stubborn dirt if present.

Getting rid of the debris

If you are quite annoyed with the bad odor which is sniffing out from the insights of your boots, then, we can fix that too!

How? By using baking soda again. Sprinkle some baking soda over the boots and gently brush them off with the help of a nylon brush. This helps you to remove any clogged mud or debris on the boots.

Final touch

Now, you can wash the hunting boots again just to kick off the dirt and baking soda, if any. Now, dab them with a dry and soft cloth that gives a quick shine.

No odor challenge

Pour some amount of baking soda inside the boots. If you are too worried about washing them out, then, here’s the thing. Place some tiny bags containing baking soda in them. Now, this will surely help in getting rid of the bad odor coming from your boots.

An alternate choice to store baking soda in the boots

You can go for the commercial scent blocker which can help you keep your boots smell nice.

You can use these tricks and method to clean up any type of boots, say army boots, hiking boots, or any outdoor boots.

Well, now that you know that keeping your boots clean comes in handy, why not add them to your post-hunting session?

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