How To Hunt From A Tree Stand- [A Beginners Guide]

You know who’s a seasoned hunter? He’s the guy who has been through the intimidating process of developing and learning this rudimentary life-skill!

There is absolutely no argument that hunting is America’s favorite outdoor game. Do you hunt or not?

If the answer is no, then mull over it again. If yes, then whatever is your reason, hunting is an undertaking in itself. For a novice, not accustomed to this art, it’s mandatory to assimilate the basics.

How to Hunt from a Tree stand

Elevate your hunting game with a tree stand

This experience can actually catalyze into a life-changing relationship between a hunter and the natural world including the non-human community.

To a newcomer, whitetail hunting can indeed be appealing. But this requires an unnerving level of skill set to be a success in their hunting trips!

So, before you go ahead and book your hunt, we have put together some very basics of whitetail deer hunting tips that can be a help in your trip.

Though there is abundant wisdom available out there, we chose to incorporate the most important ones to get the newcomers to put their strongest foot forward in one of the world's extreme outdoor sports.

It’s all About Safety

How to Hunt from a Tree stand

Take your hunting to new heights with these safety tips for tree stand hunting.

Without question, safety is the first and foremost consideration while entering into the woods to pursue this animal game. Tragically, many accidents occur during the hunting season which even leads to the loss of precious lives.

You can avoid these accidents by wearing a sufficient amount of safety orange. His will help other hunters know that you are on their team and present in the woods.

Mere orange is not enough for your safety. Be aware of your surroundings. Know who all are present in the woods with you. Know their locations.

Firearm safety and its proper training is also a part of safety measures. Please read all the safety info before leaving on the hunt!

Attire is Important

How to Hunt from a Tree stand

Ready to take on the hunt with the right attire!

Along with wearing adequate orange, make sure you choose your attire mindfully. Though veterans prefer to wear camouflage for the hunt, your choice may be different.

You can get ample of camouflage designs to choose from. A correct camouflage can actually change the game in your favor. Fabric which makes noise can play a spoilsport in this game.

Make sure you wear the fabric which doesn’t make much noise while rubbing against each other or any surface. Some seasoned ones prefer to stick to their favorite camouflage brand.

Some guidelines prohibit wearing certain fabrics and accessories while hunting as they can make unwanted noise or presence felt.

Stop your Scent

Stop your Scent

Don't let your scent give you away while hunting from a tree stand!

Being a hunter you must be aware that whitetail deer are blessed with super smelling powers. They can actually smell a human odor from about a quarter mile away.

You ought to be aware of how do you smell and do everything possible to eliminate by applying a human odor eradication spray.

This is again a vital tip as you might lose your target before it reaches you!

Follow This Boot Scent Control Tips: Scent Control Tips - How To Prevent Hunting Boot Scent.

It’s all in that Perfect Location

Your all efforts can go in vain if you fail to select a good location. Stay downwind so that your scent doesn’t reach the target.

Do a research on the deer trails, food patterns, walkways, etc. You can also place multiple tree stands, carefully calculated on the direction of the wind.

You can learn the rest important tree stand assimilation can be learned from a detailed guidelines release for this purpose.

Scouting is Important

This is important to understand the temperament of the area under your shooting range. Scout around the entire area. Listen to the noises you tend to make during your movements.

Learn the movement patterns followed by whitetail deer. Look around if other hunters are also scouting that area.

Deer are easily spooked by human activity. You can also book a previously scouted area for hunting which has sure shot success rate.

Gearing up!

Before starting for the hunt know and understand your hunting gears. Keep them updated and adequately serviced.

Understand the harness safety measures before setting up for the trip. There are many items which are needed to be taken along on the hunting spree.

Ask a seasoned hunter for guidelines in case of any gear malfunctions that can be helpful during the emergency situations.

We hope you will be able to utilize these tips to have a strong foundation before you step out. If taken care of, these tips can turn out to make your hunt a memorable one. Happy Hunting!

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