How To Keep Your Feet Warm While Hunting?

You have decided to go hunting and have all your things packed. But, it's winters and since you will be hunting all day long, in the midst of all this, if you happen to forget about packing the most essential things, chances are the fierce chill and wind, will end up worsening the situation and would completely spoil hunting experience.

During the hunting sesh, the right gear is an utmost priority but you also cannot forget taking care of your feet and hands. If you start shivering in the middle, you would not be able to hunt down anything and you'll be highly disappointed because of one rookie mistake you made.

So, How to Keep Your Feet Warm While Hunting?

Luckily, besides wearing a pair of warm socks, some other tricks and tips will help keep your feet warm enough so that you have a relatively relaxed time while you are hunting.

It is necessary to keep the blood flowing to your feet and these are best ways, scoured from the internet and experts that will keep you safe, at all hours.

Wear Proper Boots

Store Hunting Boots

Stay comfortable in any weather with these warm hunting boots

Hunting is a sport that requires patience but that's not it, there are other things also that you need to consider, right from your gear to the things you need to carry. One of the most important decisions here is thinking about the sort of shoes you will couple with your ensemble.

If you are planning on buying a pair of shoes, opt for hunting boots as these ones will serve you with enough warmth, ensuring that you stay safe.

Another thing to consider while buying boots is to see if it has enough room for you to wiggle your toes. When you go a size larger, it helps you layer your socks accordingly, giving your feet enough space to breathe.

Choose Thick Sole Boots

Boots that have a thick sole are your best bet during winters as they help control snow or wind from sneaking into your shoes from the ground.

Another thing to keep in mind is to buy water-proof shoes. Just in case, you dip your boots in water or snow, your feet will freeze and you will end up in bigger trouble than you think. Bookmark this tip while shopping for your boots!

Prefer Boots With Good Insulation

While shopping for the most comfortable hunting boots, it is also necessary to check if it helps keep your feet dry. In situations, like mud puddles or snow, the insulation will let your feet be calm. Shop for a pair with proper insulation so that you can position yourself comfortably while hunting.

Electric Socks

Electric Socks to keep Feet Warm While Hunting

Don't let cold feet ruin your hunting trip! Keep them warm with electric socks.

Post your sesh, probably when you are making your barbeque, the best thing to keep your feet warm is by wearing a pair of electric socks. These socks usually have wires weaved inside the sock and are battery operated that help keep your feet relaxed while you are enjoying your meal.

The market has flourished and there are versatile designs available. Add to that, there are socks with several settings and hence you can buy them as per the weather conditions of the place you will be going to for hunting.

These come handy when you need them. Turn up the temperature, get all the warmth, feel toasty and voila, you are done!  

Try Boot Pads

When you go out in extremely cold conditions, consider using an insulated boot pad as it helps prevent loss of heat. These boot pads come in a variety of materials for example fleece and sheepskin that ensure your feet stay cozy and warm.

Good pads usually grant arch support as well and these are available in free size, which means you can cut them as per your foot and boot size.

Another best thing about these insulated pads is they are budget-friendly and will save you from the ugly wrath of winters.

Sock Liners

Sock Liners

Stay comfortable on the hunt with these lightweight and moisture-wicking sock liners.

Not a big fan of electric socks? Give a nod to sock liners. They provide extra warmth to your feet in the woods. They are designed in such a way that they will snug to your feet and eliminate the moisture as well. These socks are lightweight and thin and are usually made with wool or synthetic material.

Once you have put on the sock liner, you need another layer of medium weight socks. This unison is the best way to ensure that your feet stay warm. Carrying a pair of spare socks is a convenient option when the weather suddenly changes. This is your savior!

Heat Pack Hand warmers

Even the smallest of things can come in handy when you need them. We are talking about heat pack hand warmers that work their magic and make you feel toasty. How, you ask? These hand warmers warm up when you shake them. 

When the temperature drops, this inexpensive heat pack will boost you up, stat. Put them in your boots and you will be ready to take on the world!

Bottom Line

These are some of the best and safest ways to keep yourself dry and not come back home empty-handed, once the hunting session is over. Investing in the right pair of socks and boots is worthy and will set you up instantly even if you ever plan to spontaneous trip with your friends! Add these to your list and never let the chill thrills be a problem for you!

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