How To Keep The Water Clean In Your Inflatable Hot Tub?

An inflatable hot tub is definitely worth an investment. There are days when you spend your time in a more strenuous way than usual and you are going to need something to help you out with your sore muscles.

If you have muscle sprains, strains, swelling, or some other injuries then hydrotherapy is the best way to deal with it.

Moreover spending time in hot water helps with your blood circulation, weeds out cellular waste from the body, ease up your back pain, calms your arthritis pain, and also improves your sleep.

Now if you are hoping to enjoy your time in the inflatable hot tub to its fullest then you need to maintain the water as clean as you can.

Hygiene is important and I am sure you don’t want you and your family to get sick and ill. Besides, it will also increase the lifespan of your hot tub.

So in this article, we shall look at the ways through which you can keep the water clean in your inflatable hot tub.

Let’s proceed.

Inflatable Hot Tub

Clean water is key to a relaxing hot tub experience - here's how to keep it that way.

Check the water filters regularly

As your water filters trap anything that has no business being in your tub, you need to have it clean. The frequency of which depends on how frequently you use the hot tub and also the kind of water use.

Just run those filters under the faucet with cold water and it will be cleaned.

Always keep the lid on

Put the lid on when your hot tub is not in use.  This is a simple way to ensure that nothing falls into the tub.

Get showered before you get in

Hitting the shower before getting into the tub is more important than you think. As you know your body contains natural oils that will get washed off by the hot water of the tub.

Not to mention the deodorants, perfume, facial creams, etc will get washed off as well thus contaminating the water.

Be sure that your children use the bathroom before joining in

We are well aware of what children can do in the swimming pools, so if you don’t want that to happen here then make sure that they use the loo before getting in.

Have the water replaced

Have the water replaced

Crystal clear water is the key to a relaxing soak. Remember to replace your hot tub water regularly!

The key here is to know when to replace the water. (Hint: Before the water starts to look cloudy and begins to smell).

Now the question is when’s the right time to do that? Well, follow this neat trick.

Note down how many gallons of water it takes to fill up the hot tub, then divide that with the number of people who will be using your inflatable tub, then lastly divide that with 3.

You will have your answer.

Note the chemical levels

Note the chemical levels

The key to a well-functioning hot tub? Regularly monitoring your chemical levels!

One way to ensure that your hot tub is working at its full efficiency is to check the chemical levels of the water. Besides, you will be certain that the water is safe for your family.

Now let’s find out the type of sanitizers and which one to use. Primarily speaking there are two types, chlorine, and bromine.

Which one is the best? Well if you ask me that depends on your individual inclinations. In any case, let’s have a look at these sanitizers.


If you decide to go with chlorine then there are two options for you, either Chlorine tablets or granules.

Chlorine Tablets. Since tablets dissolve slowly use a chemical floating dispenser, as it disperses the chlorine in an ideal amount throughout the tub.

Just pop 2-4 tablets (refer the buyers manual) into the dispenser and leave it in the tub.

Chlorine granules.  Granules, on the other hand, won’t require a dispenser, simply scatter them straight into your inflatable hot tub and wait for the water to dissolve those granules.

Or else you can first dissolve the granules in a pitcher then mix that water with the hot tub water, this will ensure that the chlorine has been dissolved completely.


  • It is cheap.
  • It doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • It acts rapidly.


  • Bit smelly.
  • It can irritate some skin.


Just like chlorine you have two options here as well, tablets or granules.

Bromine tablets.  Do the same as you would with the chlorine tablets. Just put some tablets in the chemical dispenser and drop it into your inflatable hot tub.

Now, compared to chlorine, bromine dissolves at a slower pace, at least 5-8 hours depending upon the size of your tub. So you would have to wait a bit longer to get into the tub.

Bromine granules.  Given the time it takes to dissolve it is better if you put the granules in the tub and leave it overnight. So it’s better if you add it once you are done spending time in the tub.

One another thing is that bromine residue tends to be clingy and it might take some effort to wash it off the body in the shower. Don’t worry it is harmless.


  • It doesn’t smell.
  • Low pH value.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin.


  • It is costly.
  • Dissolves slowly.

As it is evident that both chlorine and bromine are exceptional sanitizers, whichever you want to choose is for you to decide.

Note: NEVER mix chlorine with bromine as it leads to dangerous chemical reactions.


Don’t worry much about the water, just follow these simple steps and I can guarantee that you and your family are going to enjoy their time in your inflatable hot tub.

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