How To Properly Store Hunting Boots?

Hunting Boots can make or break the hunting experience based on how well conditioned the boots are.”

If you are an outdoor-loving person, hunting is probably one of your favorite activities of choice. One of the oldest survival sport and hobbies, hunting requires knowledge, expertise, and gears.

Hunting boots are one of the primary essential commodities required for surviving in the outdoors. It is always necessary to choose the best boots in the market.

These quality hunting boots do not come cheap. Additionally, the boots often tend to distort or wear out faster if proper care is not taken. That is why they need special care and treatment to remain in good condition for along time.

Waterproofing the boots to prevent trapping of moisture

Moisture is one of the main reasons boots tend to lose the longevity faster. Waxing is one of the best ways to make the shoes waterproof.

Even a thin layer of wax coat is sufficient enough to keep it water-resistant for an extended period. Ensure that the boot wax being used is of good quality and chemical-free for a better and lasting result.

Clean the boots thoroughly before storing

Clean the boots thoroughly before storing

Don't let dirt ruin your boots! Clean them thoroughly before storing.

Boots are bound to get muddy and wet while you go hunting. It is essential to clean all the mud and dirt well before packing them away. This will prevent mold and germ buildup.

Mud and dirt may contain unknown reactants than can cause damage to the boot material in some cases. Mild soap and a damp cloth are sufficient enough for cleaning all the pileups from the boot.

Once the boots are clean, it is crucial to dry them thoroughly. Dried boots are difficult to be damaged by molds or dirt when stored.

Do not be rough on the boots

Do not be rough on the boots

Cleaning your boots after a hunt is essential for longevity and performance.

However, dirty the boots are, never use harsh treatment on the boots. Chemicals and metal scrubs are a strict "no" while cleaning boots.

Ensure that the only cleaning tool being used is a soft cloth, a soft bristle brush (if needed), and mild soap.

Instead of leaving the boots for cleanup the next day, do it immediately after you are back from the hunting trip. This will prevent the mud and dirt from drying on the boot. Cleaning instantly also prevents moisture and odor buildup on and within then boot.

Dry them correctly

Dry them correctly

Keeping your boots in top shape means drying them properly - avoid heat sources that could cause damage.

Drying the boots correctly is a significant factor to consider before storing them. Though air drying is the best solution, sometimes it is not sufficient.

Placing the boots at an optimal distance from fire or any other heat source ensures that they are well dried and storable.

It is important to remember not to place them too close to the heat source as that may cause the boot material to crack or melt in some cases.

Always take care of the insoles

Insoles are prone to damage easily. Most often than not, we do not check the insoles for moisture or damage. We tend to leave it in until its too late, and the boot in itself is damaged beyond repair.

Always ensure to remove the insoles and let them dry out well somewhere warm. In case the insoles look worn out or old, it is best to replace them before using the boots the next time.

Storing them right

Boots can quickly start smelling or catch mildew. To prevent those from happening, it is best to leave the boots somewhere completely dry and with proper ventilation.

Storage bags and bins, specially designed for hunting boots, are available that are moisture-proof.

Some even prefer adding cedar and pine needles to the storage bin and bags to keep the boots odor-free and fresh smelling for a long time.

Also, it is vital to store the boots in the natural state rather than folding them or putting them in weird positions. This will prevent the boots from losing the shape or having creases and folds at odd places.

Buy a good quality boot

For a hunting enthusiast, boots are an essential commodity. SO it is best to invest in a quality product rather than buying the cheaper alternatives. Rubber and plastic boots are often not very comfortable, nor are they a good fit.

These boots tend to wear out or break away faster despite all the efforts of cleaning and maintaining them.

Rubber and plastic do not do well even when stored carefully. They tend to harden and crack with time due to the expiring shelf life of the material.

Do not leave the boot in until the next hunting season

One of the biggest mistakes of storing the hunting boots is that we leave it in until the upcoming season. This is not right.

However, dry the boots are, over a long time, tend to collect molds from residual moisture that are often hidden away within deep crevices and spots.

Airing them out and waxing them every few months will prevent molds and moisture from damaging the boots.

In fact, placing a few silica gel sachet within the boots keeps them dry and moisture-free at all times.

A right boot will last a long time if it is maintained well. Taking care of the hunting boots is not a difficult job if you know about the few simple tips and tricks mentioned above.

Next time you want to go hunting, stop worrying about messing up your boots because now you know how to take care of it well.

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