How To Select The Best Rifle Scope For Long Range Shooting

Considering some factors is crucial when choosing a scope, especially if you want long-range shooting. A perfect long-range scope will offer enhanced reliability and better light transmission. Additionally, you will get extra range, clarity, and magnification for precise aiming. 

This will make your shooting experience pleasant and enhance your accuracy.  As a result, you can shoot easily if the target stays within the scope range. Unfortunately, markets are flooded with many brands that make picking the right long-range scope challenging. 

As rifle scopes are expensive, and you may not want to invest money frequently, you should pick the right one. For your help, here we will present an informative guide to choosing the best rifle scope for long-range shooting.

How to Select Best Rifle Scope for Long Range Shooting

Aim high, shoot far: mastering the art of long range shooting.

Understanding What Is Long Range

Shooting ranges can vary from hunter to hunter or rifle to rifle. In most cases, long-range shooting skills will depend on two factors: the length of the scope you pick and the rifle. Different rifles are ideal for different ranges, such as a .22 rifle that can be used to shoot, probably classified long-range within 100 to 150 yards.

However, it is also possible to shoot accurately out to 500 yards or more through the right long-range scope. For example, using the right scope for 300 win mag, shooters can target any long-distance subject with maximum accuracy. You can even target any subject away from 1000 yards with the right optic scope.

Different Types Of Long-Range Scopes

Choosing the right scope for long-range shooting will be easy by knowing the market's available scope. For your convenience, here we have outlined different types of long-range scopes you may find on the markets. 

Variable Power Long-Range Scope

With variable power scope, shooters can adjust magnification based on the scope range, which helps increase the optic's visibility. Most shooters wish to have a scope dedicated completely to long-range shooting. In that case, these scopes are ideal for them as they are easier to identify by marking "x to x". It allows adjusting power optics with a magnification range across a 10x power mark, such as 5-15x power.

Fixed Power Long-Range Scope

These scopes are lightweight, flexible, and more inexpensive than variable power optics. For that, fixed power long-range scopes are simple to use for newbie long-range shooters. These scopes offer high magnifications that help to avoid going overboard. With 10x or 12x magnification, fixed power scope provides a good balance between accuracy potential and circumstance attention. 

Extreme Long-Range Scope

Extreme long-range scope used for shooting between 600 and 1,000 meters. These scopes are heavy and offer variable power options with a magnification range of 7-10x and a maximum of 25-35x. Some extreme long-range scope has even higher magnification ranges. Apart from common reticle features, extreme Long-Range Scope provides MOA/MIL adjustment range.

Features Of High-Quality Long Range Rifle Scopes

Long-range scope offers a wide number of features that help to make your shooting experience better. Here we have explored some significant features that you will get from a long-range scope.

Zero Stop

Zero stop is a common feature of all long-range scopes. Once the scope is zeroed, the turret automatically becomes zero; it can no longer be reduced. For example, when you zero the scope and rifle at 100 yards. You can set the height tower to adjust the appropriate height for a target at 800 yards. This can be done by lowering the dial again until the zero stop is engaged.

Eye Relief

It is one of the most crucial things when shooting with a long-range scope. Eye relief means the distance from the back lens to the produced image or view. So, if you keep the scope too close, the images get blurred around the edges. Typically, eye relief starts at 6 inches in long-range scopes and can go a lot.

Magnification Range

Most long-range scopes come with a magnification level of 5x to 25x. You can target shooting out to 200 yards with a scope of 5x magnification level. On the other hand, 25x magnification allows shooters to target anything inside 1,000 yards and beyond.


Most scopes are set up with parallax free at a particular distance. This is not so important for hunting because the margin of error is really small inside 500 yards. But beyond that shooting distance, the margins are rapidly increased. Long-range scopes with high magnification usually have a parallax coordination knob on the left side of the scope body.

How To Select The Best Rifle Scope For Long Range Shooting

How to Select Best Rifle Scope for Long Range Shooting

In the distance, you find your target: the thrill of long range shooting.

You have to consider several things while buying a long-range scope to get the most out of the scope. Here we have explained what things you should consider:

Fixed or Variable Magnification

As discussed, most long-range scopes have only one magnification option called fixed scopes. You will also find some other scopes that offer flip through different magnification ranges; these are called variables. Variable magnifications offer additional versatility than fixed magnifications. This scope will enable you to pull back your sight and see more of the landscape when required.

Objective Lens

The object lens size directly affects how much light is entered inside your scope’s tube. If the lens is wide, the scope will collect more light and provide a better sight picture. The bigger lens will create a brighter image with a wider field of view that will make relief for your eye. So, try to balance the objective lens size of your chosen scope.

Reticle Type

Reticle type is also a crucial thing to consider while selecting a long-range scope. For beginners, the reticle usually needs to show on the first or second focal plane. The first focal plane reticle will change the size once you flip the magnification range.

This helps to hold the reticles at the same hash mark even though the size of the points diminishes. On the contrary, the second focal plane doesn’t change the size even if you switch the magnification range. This type of reticle helps to appear truly accurate points based on the zoom range.


The durability of your chosen long-range scope will determine how long it will last. You will find some scopes designed with aluminum or similar hard metals for the scope body or main tube. These materials' build scopes will last longer than any other scopes built with poor materials.

Besides, the anodized coating on the scopes helps to reduce glare that makes you blend into the environment. You also have to check whether the scope is fog, shack, or waterproof. A scope with water and fog-resistant will provide additional durability that helps to make your scope last longer.

Mil or MOA

You will find two different units of measurements on the scopes: Mil (milliradians) and MOA adjustment (minute of angle). A milliradians feature scopes help measure an angle within a circle that provides a series of dots points inside the horizontal or vertical crosshairs.

On the other hand, MOA is similar to measuring an angle within a circle but differs in size. MOA is quite easier to understand than mil with a smaller measurement of degrees.


Shooting at a long-distance won’t be possible without having the right scope, especially when you wish to long-range shooting. You can easily shoot any long-distance target using the proper long-range scope. A long-range scope will offer you clear reticle systems, broad elevation adjustment ranges, clear visibility, and many more.

These features will help make your target accurate even if the target is within 1000 yards or more. However, most people are confused about choosing the right scope. After reading this context, we hope the confusion may be clear out by knowing which you should consider while choosing a long-range scope.

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