How To Setup Your Inflatable Hot Tub?

Inflatable hot tubs are the perfect solution if you want your spa without having to commit to a permanent, standard hot tub. Setting up your inflatable hot tub is easy and what’s more, you can set it up wherever you want to. You can enjoy bathing outdoors on warm days and shift it indoors during winter.

It is important to read the owner’s manual before setting up your hot tub. Once you are thoroughly acquainted with the manual, the following steps will help you set it up perfectly for a worry-free relaxing session in your spa. 

How To Setup Your Inflatable Hot Tub

Take a dip in luxury! Follow our step-by-step guide to set up your inflatable hot tub.

Choose a location

It is important to get the location right at the beginning itself. It is not fun to drain, deflate, and shift your hot tub if you didn’t get the location right the first time around. Ensure that the location is large enough to accommodate your hot tub comfortably and has the recommended power outlet within reach. 

Leave a space of at least 1 foot around the outer walls for you to move around easily. The pumping unit must have an additional 3-foot space for safe and comfortable operation. The ground you lay your hot tub on should be free of debris and level.

Consider the filled-in weight

If you plan on having your hot tub on a deck or a platform, consider its filled up weight. Remember, water is heavy. Your inflatable hot tub can weigh a lot when filled up. Ensure that the floor is more than strong enough to bear the weight of the hot tub and the occupants.

You don’t want your floor collapsing under you during a relaxing spa session. An accident can cause serious injuries and damage your inflatable hot tub severely.

Make the area ready

If setting up outdoors, remove any debris or sharp objects such as- stones, gravel, twigs, roots, etc. Tamp the ground well to make it level and firm.

A groundsheet specially made for hot tubs is highly recommended. Many hot tubs are shipped with a groundsheet. If not, consider buying a one. Along with protection, it offers added insulation. 

A windbreak

When setting up outdoors, the water in your inflatable hot tub can cool down rapidly. Even a gentle summer can cool your water rapidly. In such a scenario, a windbreak will come in extremely handy. A hedge, a small wall, bushes, tall potted plants, or a fence will all do nicely.

It minimizes the wind chill factor and in the long run, saves on power and costs. The heater need not work overtime to maintain the temperature.

Inflate before moving

Many an inflatable hot tub has been damaged due to people treading on it. Hence, it is recommended to inflate your hot tub before moving it. This will also help you to install connectors and pipes without being cramped. In most cases, the pump will be included in the hot tub.

This tip will save you plenty of time and effort over some time. You can inflate it in an open area, assemble it, and shift it to where you want it. It can easily be carried by two people.

Never over-inflate

There are two reasons not to over-inflate your hot tub. 1- It can put stress on the seams causing it to leak or even rip. 2- When fully filled, the water exerts considerable pressure due to its immense weight. There must be some give to accommodate this pressure to prevent damaging the structure.

Without this give, the seams can weaken and the rigid walls contort. This can seriously affect the stability and the shape of your bathtub.

Don’t overfill

All inflatable hot tubs have a maximum fill line on the inside walls. The water level mustn’t cross that line. Overfilling can lead to hot water overflowing from the sides. It is not only messy but also a waste of precious hot water. Moreover, some room is needed for the water to bubble when you turn on the massage system.

Add the chems

You can add the chemical floater with a sanitizer and wait for the water to heat up. Various chemicals are used to sanitize the water and also to improve its quality. Some of the commonly used chemicals are- sanitizers (Chlorine or Bromine), oxidizers, pH level controllers, etc.

Chemicals increase the life of the water while making it safe and gentle for your skin. It is healthy and cost-saving in the long run because you do not have to change the water or heat it frequently. You can now enjoy your inflatable hot tub with the confidence of having set it up perfectly!

Final thoughts

After reading the owner’s manual, following the above general guidelines will help you save costs and also ensure that your inflatable hot tub serves you well for many years.

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