How To Store An Inflatable Hot Tub

There are quite a few reasons that might compel you to deflate the tub and store it away, chief among them is the herald of winter.

Most manufacturers recommend using the inflated tub as long as the temperature stays above 40F. Once the temperature goes south you should start the process of storing and deflating the inflatable tub right away.

The process of storing an inflatable tub is pretty straightforward, but you need to be careful while packing as they can get damaged or become useless at the time of its next use.

So to avoid that from happening we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to store an inflatable hot tub properly.

Although this is a general guide it is applicable for virtually all types of hot tubs. Still, if there are any specific guidelines provided in your hot tub manual then do exercise them. 

Now, unto our guide.

Disconnect the Hot tub

Logic dictates that you need to unplug the electrical equipment from the power source before you get down to business.

Take out the filter

Now locate the filter housing, might vary a bit depending upon the make and model of the hot tub but usually, removal of the filter housing is the next step. To undo the filter housing you should start from the inside and then remove it. Check the condition of the filter if it is reusable then clean it and keep it if not then throw it in the trash.

Place the stopper caps

Place the stopper caps

Keeping your hot tub safe: seal it up with stopper caps!

Place these caps in the place where the filter housing used to be. In case you forgot to do this before removing the motor unit then you will end up flooding your backyard.

Needless to say, it is quite an important step.

Disengage the motor unit

Before we proceed to deflate the tub, we need to deal with the motor unit first.

The motor is attached to the hot tub with the help of couplings, so unscrew those couplings and carefully remove the motor unit away from the hot tub.

Onto the next important part, clean the motor thoroughly. Use a garden hose and place it inside the inlet valve of the motor and keep the water running until it runs clear.

Make sure there’s no water left inside the motor, use a cloth to wipe the water, and then leave the motor under the sun.

Remember to keep the motor handy, I’ll tell you why in a few minutes.

Attach the hose to drain the water out

Attach The Hose To Drain The Water Out

Storing your inflatable hot tub: Don't forget to attach the hose and drain the water!

Now it’s time to drain the tub but first, you have to attach the hose adapter to the lower water pipe.

Since the hot tub’s water contains chemicals like chlorine and bromine so you must find a safe draining spot away from your garden’s flora and fauna.

Drain the hot tub

Now you are ready to drain the water from the hot tub. Check your hot tub manual to locate the drainage cap and then remove it. Once the water is out turn the hot tub over to eliminate any remaining water.

Clean the hot tub thoroughly

Draining the tub should be immediately followed by cleaning the same. Since the hot tub is already bottoms up, start by cleaning the bottom.

While cleaning you need to pay special attention to the underside of the hot tub, as this part is directly over the hot water having chemical residue and watermarks is a certainty.

The bottom line is one needs to cover every nook and corner while cleaning the tub, including the cover. If needed you can use an anti-bacterial inflatable tub cleaning agent for better results.

Dry the tub

Once you cleaned and rinsed the tub with fresh water proceed to dry it completely. Remember I told you to keep the motor unit handy, well now’s the time for it.

Take a blower to get rid of any water droplets, here attach the motor unit then put the cover on the hot tub and turn the blower on (for 20-30 seconds).

Doing this will ensure complete water removal, even from the air bubble jet holes and the motor unit.

Time to deflate the tub

Time To Deflate The Tub

It's not goodbye, it's see you later! Time to deflate and store your hot tub.

When you are confident that the tub is completely dry without a single drop of water, only then proceed to deflate the tub. Just connect the inflation hose and press the deflate button.

If there’s no button then you have to deflate it the old school way, remove the inflator valve and then press down. 

Once the tub is entirely inflated then take out the inflation hose and the motor unit.

Store your inflatable tub

Find a leveled out place free from any sharp or pointy objects then spread out cleaned, dried, and deflated hot tub.

Oftentimes people sprinkle a slight amount of talcum powder over the deflated hot tub. Sounds silly right? But it’s quite effective.

A small amount of talcum powder not only soaks up any water residue that might be left after all the effort but it also prevents the vinyl from sticking to itself.

Lastly remove all the fittings, fixtures, couplings, and valves of the hot tub then start folding it from the opposite side of the inflation valve. This would provide an opportunity to expel any remaining air.

Once folded store it in a box, make sure the packing is airtight.


Well, that’s a wrap! Follow these steps to avoid any problem when you decide to re-inflate the hot tub come spring.

Just remember to give a proper cleanse before filling the hot tub to avoid any residue of talcum powder.

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