Lone Wolf Hand Climber “Combo” Tree Stand Review

The Lone Wolf Hand Climber “Combo" tree stand is one of the lightweight and full-featured tree stand. The climber is ideal for packing.

It is to store because it is a nested climber. It is simple both with size and weight. But it is sturdy enough in the spheres of carrying weight.

The Lone Wolf Climbing stand is perfect with its design. The stands are nested, so it is simple to store and carry. When a hunter takes this; any cannot assign that it is trees stand. It is nifty too much.

Sitting on the stand is a cinch to everyone. As contoured foam is available on the seat, it is comfortable. The platform sizes are 30 x 19 1/2".

Let know the main features of the tree stand at a glance

• Provides extra convenience
• The pivoting “Sit and Climb” is perfect for easy climbing.
• The 2-panel, 21″-wide contoured foam seat pad
• Huge 30 x 19 1/2″ one-piece cast aluminum platform;
• TMA approved 6-pt Fall Arrest System
• Fits trees 6″-19″ in diameter
• Distinctive 3-D platform design;

The lone wolf sit and climb combo is user-friendly and comfortable Climbing tree stand for hunting. The obvious factor of the tree stand is that it is virtually silent. It provides the tastandard level of stability.

The adjustable stabilizer strap makes the tree stand unique. The pivoting seat bar is the most outstanding. It does not support like others tradition supporting system rather it is effective than others tree stand.

Climb Combo II Climbing Stand has 31″ x 19.5” roomy. So it ensures ultimate comfort during mobility. The climber stand provides countered foam seat pad, so it is enjoyable during waiting for your prey. Both bow hunter and gun hunter can use this.

Lone Wolf Hand Climber Customer Review:

We found lots of positive factors at the time of reaching the tree stand, what the verified customers Say “ The quality of the product is enough, it is lightweight, it takes few steps for setting, but it is not hard, the stand is rock solid, it has no noise. Although it seems little pricey, it is worthy of buying

“Another verified customer mentions that the tree stands deserves less energy for setting and using, the quality of the stand is splendid. It produces a bit sound. It includes great features.“


How do I consider the Comfort Level?

You have to bear in mind that comfort level is the most important part. You have to be ensured that the seat is ergonomic enough to stay. Otherwise you’re waiting in the tree stand will not be longer.

Should I find any Low-Cost Tree Climbers?

Obviously, you can save money taking the low-cost tree climber, but you should not do this. If you do this, it will not be a good decision, because, you will not buy a tree stand again and again.

Final verdict

Weight capacity is a primary factor of consideration. No hunter should across the weight limit. If anyone does, it will be the reason of fatal injuries, never should think it whimsically, Lone-Wolf-Climb-Combo-Climbing ensures to carry enough weight person. It’s others features make the user more confident to take this. Besides, its 21″-wide foam seat pad, Fits trees 6″-19″ in diameter, 3-D platform design makes the Lone-Wolf-Climb-Combo-Climbing extraordinary.

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