OL Man Drone Climbing Treestand COM-21

The Drone climbing tree stand is one of the outstanding trees stands on the market; the stand is safest and fastest as it includes Self-leveling Hex-Drive technology. It supports the climber too much unlike the other tree stand. Let’s have the other features of the outstanding tree stand.

Easy Assembling as Fluorescent cable

The Fluorescent cable heads are perfect for easy assembling in the dark and oval tubing. The Drone also remove the possibility of twisting a cable, Because the cable has been adjusted with the hole.

Another interesting feature of the stand is that it also includes different types of the hole so that the hunter can keep different kinds of hunting accessories such as rattling horns, binoculars, range finders, etc.

Perfect Nested Drone for Easy Storage

The unique pivot arm designed Drone is perfect for storage, as it is nested, you can keep it within three inches thick pack. The tree stand also has the straight bar, shooting rest and a footrest.

The Mesh Seat is Like a Rocking Chair

The net seat of the Drone is super comfortable. Sitting on these types of a net is super exciting as you are sitting in the rocking chair. As a hunter, you cannot but please having these types of seat,

Its solid stand, self-leveling features, easy storage and comfortable seat all the included features make the tree stand Great and super convenient.

Let see the others features at a glance;

  • Packs to less than 4″ thick
  • ComforTech and Ultra quiet mesh seating
  • Lightweight aluminum oval tubing
  • Self-leveling Hex-Drive technology
  • Built-in quiver holders and accessory hangers.
  • Shooting rest, straight bar, and footrest are available

OL Man Drone Treestand Customer Review:

The user is pleased having this Drone as its features are extraordinary. The included features are also splendid. In the customer reviews,

A verified consumer, Mark Hack ford, says that he replaced his old tree stand with the new one, he loved the seat too much Because of its comfortability and the good additional features impress him too much. He was also pleased having this as the price was affordable to him. 

Another verified consumer, Jwallhunton, Mention that the leveling device of the tree stand works well, this stand is helpful.

Brian Ron says that initially he was satisfied having this stand because the shipment was super-fast, but he mentions some defects that he does not use it quite well because the harness was not fit for him


Q: Why do we choose the drone tree stand?

An: The drone tree stand is different from its features. Specially mesh seating and Hex driving technology to impress much everyone.

Q: What is the extra- benefit of Fluorescent cable?

Ans: It helps to assemble easily, even in the dark, installation is easy.

Q: Is the seat of Drone comfortable?

Ans: The sitting mesh of Drone is comfortable, the frame of the seat is sturdiest.

Final verdict:

The stand is unique with its design. It’s a solid stand frame; it’s no creaking noise system, easy assembly and the included accessories hanging system makes it super comfortable and convenient. It is the fastest and safest climbing tree stand. Besides Fluorescent cable heads make the assembling system Easy.

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