Reelsonar iBobber Portable Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder: Enhance Your Fishing Precision

Dive into the aquatic world of fishing innovation with the Reelsonar iBobber Portable Fish Finder. This compact marvel redefines angling by merging cutting-edge technology with portability. Imagine a device that syncs seamlessly with your smartphone, unveiling the mysteries beneath the water's surface in real-time.

With its advanced sonar technology, GPS capabilities, and user-friendly interface, the iBobber becomes more than a fish finder—it becomes your underwater guide. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice adventurer, this device promises to revolutionize your fishing experiences, offering unparalleled insights into the depths below.

Reelsonar iBobber Portable Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder

Feature Specifications:

  • Connectivity   Bluetooth
  • Sonar Technology      Patented
  • Depth Range  Up to 135 feet
  • Battery Life     Up to 10 hours
  • Compatibility iOS and Android devices
  • GPS Tagging   Yes
  • Waterproof    Yes, IP67-rated

Unveiling the Features

Compact Design and Portability

The Reelsonar iBobber Fish Finder boasts a remarkably compact design, fitting snugly into the palm of your hand. Its portability stands as a testament to convenience, allowing anglers to effortlessly carry it on fishing expeditions. This diminutive yet powerful device becomes an ideal companion, ensuring ease of transport and use across various fishing settings, enhancing the fishing experience manifold.

Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

Syncing effortlessly with your smartphone or tablet, the iBobber utilizes Bluetooth technology for real-time updates on fish locations, water depth, temperature, and more. The user-friendly app interface enhances the overall fishing experience, providing detailed insights into underwater structures.

Patented Sonar Technology

The Reelsonar iBobber harnesses proprietary sonar technology, setting it apart from conventional fish finders. This patented innovation employs advanced sonar mechanisms to precisely identify and display fish as distinctive icons on your paired device. With its specialized sonar capabilities, the iBobber ensures accurate readings and clear representations of underwater structures, enhancing your angling precision and success.

Fish Alarm

The iBobber boasts a fish alarm feature, alerting anglers when fish are detected. This real-time notification system ensures you never miss a potential catch, enhancing your fishing efficiency and allowing you to focus on other tasks while remaining informed about underwater activity.

GPS Tagging and Mapping

The Reelsonar iBobber integrates GPS tagging and mapping features, allowing users to mark and save productive fishing spots effortlessly. Through its user-friendly interface, anglers can create customized maps, tagging specific locations for future reference. This functionality enhances fishing strategies, enabling easy navigation back to favored spots and ensuring a more targeted and successful fishing experience, regardless of the fishing environment.

Rechargeable Battery

The iBobber boasts an enduring rechargeable battery that ensures prolonged fishing sessions without interruptions. With an extended battery life, this feature eliminates the hassle of frequent replacements, promising anglers uninterrupted use and longevity for their fishing adventures.

Versatile Applications

The Reelsonar iBobber Portable Fish Finder adapts seamlessly to diverse fishing environments and styles. Its versatility shines whether you're fishing from a dock, kayak, or shore. This device caters to anglers of varying skill levels, enhancing their fishing experiences with its adaptable nature across different fishing scenarios.

Pros and Cons


  • Portability makes it easy to carry and use in different fishing settings.
  • Accurate and detailed sonar readings facilitate targeted fishing.
  • User-friendly app interface enhances the fishing experience.
  • GPS tagging and mapping assist in creating productive fishing strategies.
  • Versatile applications cater to different angling styles.


  • Connectivity issues may arise in areas with high interference.
  • Limited depth range compared to larger, more specialized fish finders.
  • Steeper learning curve for beginners to maximize its functionalities.
Reelsonar iBobber Portable Fish Finder


Can the iBobber be used in saltwater and freshwater environments?

Yes, the iBobber is versatile and suitable for both saltwater and freshwater environments, making it an adaptable tool for fishing in various aquatic settings.

Does the iBobber work with Android?

Yes, the iBobber is compatible with Android devices, offering seamless connectivity and functionality through its dedicated app available on the Google Play Store.

Does iBobber have GPS?

Yes, the iBobber comes equipped with GPS capabilities. This feature allows users to mark spots, create maps, and navigate to productive fishing locations for enhanced angling experiences.

Does the iBobber work well from a moving boat?

Yes, the iBobber performs efficiently from a moving boat, providing continuous updates on fish locations and underwater structures, ensuring a seamless fishing experience regardless of the boat's movement.

Is the iBobber suitable for ice fishing?

Yes, the iBobber is ideal for ice fishing, providing valuable insights into fish presence and underwater structures, aiding anglers in maximizing their efficiency and catch rates in icy environments.


In the realm of angling technology, the Reelsonar iBobber Portable Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder emerges as a pivotal tool for anglers seeking precision and ease. Its compact design, coupled with advanced sonar technology and intuitive features, elevates fishing experiences to new heights.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting, the iBobber enhances your fishing endeavors, unveiling underwater mysteries and guiding your pursuits. With its ability to mark hotspots, detect fish, and adapt to various fishing styles, this device proves indispensable. The iBobber isn't just a fish finder; it's a transformative companion revolutionizing the way anglers explore and engage with aquatic environments.

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