Setting Up A Tree Stand- (Tips 2024) To Prepare For Hunting Season

If you have a keen interest in the hunting activity, then this page has something interesting for you!

One of the most important tactics of hunting involves the set up of Tree stand.

What is a tree stand?

Tree stand also knew as deer stand is used to elevate the height of the hunter. This will render a good vantage point to the hunter.

Tree stands have traveled a long distance since the time of their inception. They are far more comfortable, easy to use and safe. They have been quite a light weighted and portable with minimum assemble.


Taking my hunting to new heights - Setting up a tree stand for a better vantage point.

There are numbers of tree stand options available out there in the market. It might be challenging to which one to select! Your selection can be made easy by answering some of the questions given below:

  • Climbing tree stand or a non-climbing tree stand: Would you be served better with?
  • Do you wish to have a comfortable seat on the tree stand?
  • Is your tree stand durable enough?
  • What’s the weight limit?
  • Does it have the required safety measures?

On getting the answers to these questions, you are now good to go for the purchase of the best tree stand for you!

Now comes the most crucial question which is capable of getting more opinions than a presidential debate. How to place the tree stand? The intricacies of how and where one hunts are entirely subjective and differ according to the location.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of some crucial tips regarding the tree stand setup in such a way that can increase the chances of spotting the animal you are after.

Determine The Height of The Tree stand

Setting up a Tree Stand

A view from above - Getting my tree stand set up for the perfect perspective.

The most important tip in this category is to understand the best height of the tree stand setup for YOU. Only you can ascertain the perfect high for you! There might be many variables in this regards. The terrain properties need to be considered here. You might be more visible if you chose to sit higher off the land or ground.

On the contrary setting up a tree stand at a reasonable height can give you an upper hand when it comes to the smelling powers of the animal. The most important thing, irrespective of the height, is to ascertain that you have a sturdy background cover to have a clean shot.

You can check these factors by doing a mock hunting drill along with all safety measures on the mark. Don’t forget to be alert and in your common senses. The range of your hunting weapon should also be considered in ascertaining the height of the tree stand.

First, Find The Animal Before a Tree!

As the saying goes, "Hunt perfect animals, not the trees". Put in your best efforts to find the best location where the animals frequently pass rather than ascertaining the tree. Check the trials, buck rubs, bedding areas, feeding locations, and other relevant animal signs.

Once you have checked all these factors, then you can go and set up your ideal tree location. Choose the tree with a good shooting range and reciprocal to the wind.

Find The Animal Before a Tree

Prefer to Stay Downwind

The wind direction is an important aspect that you need to take care of while setting up. The animals are blessed with strong sniffing powers especially the deer. So make sure you are not making it easy for them. Try your best to eliminate the human body odors.

Follow This Boot Scent Control Tips: Scent Control Tips - How To Prevent Hunting Boot Scent.

Ambush Locations

Look for the ambush locations. Prefer the natural pathways passing through the funnels, bottlenecks or along the fencing's to set up the tree stand. Avoid setup in the middle as you might scare the animal. Instead, opt for a tree at towards the edge and within your shooting weapon range.

Setting up a Tree Stand

Spotting your target - the first step to a successful hunt.

Move Along With The Animals

Observe and adapt to animal movements. Don’t get stuck on a single location. Animals tend to change their routes frequently and so do you. An intelligent hunter shall change its position along with the movements of the animals.

Practice Your Moves

Once you have found the perfect spot and have made your set up, get your hands polished on your moves. Try different standing and sitting hunting positions. Check if you have any obstacles in your shooting range. If yes then try to eliminate them. Think strategically and logically.

Move During Daytime

Make sure you make your movements during the daytime only. Avoid early morning and late afternoon movements as you might beware the animals. Be attentive and particular to your body odor and noise.

Tree stand setups and hunting is obviously not an easy task. But if done with precaution and care you can end up successful. Make sure you follow these tips to have a fantastic tree stand hunting experience.

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