Spinning Vs Spincast Reel What Is The Difference

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies and has a huge range of equipment and accessories to choose from. If you are new to angling, you may be confused as to what to buy for your fishing needs. There are many types of equipment for different fishing scenarios. In this guide, we will look at one of the most crucial components of your fishing gear- the reel.

Reels can be divided into three broad types- spincast reels, spinning reels, and baitcast reels. Each of these reel types has a range of uses in different fishing scenarios. An experienced angler will know which reel suits him best. But a newbie will struggle.

In this guide, we will attempt to demystify two similar-sounding reels- spinning reels and spincast reels. This knowledge will help the newbie angler choose the best reel among the two for his unique needs.

Spincast Reel

The spincast reel is the easier to handle of the two and is inexpensive. It is generally recommended for newbies as a result. Newbies can quickly learn to cast with this rod and can start fishing right away. This is great because the newbie will worry less about the equipment and concentrate on the other aspects of fishing.

Spincast reels are not for beginners alone. Veteran anglers often have an extra rod fitted with a spincast reel and use it to test the waters before using their main rod. These reels have buttons to toggle between locked and free spools. The drag adjustment is used to control the resistance a fish will feel when hooked is situated on the underside of the reel handle or beside it. 

Because all these mechanisms are enclosed in a metal or plastic casing, it is extremely difficult to untangle any mess inside the casing. It is also difficult to dislodge any dirt or water that gets trapped inside. These faults may be a deal breaker in costlier reels, but at around $20 each, they are often overlooked.

Spincast Reel

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How to use a spincast reel?

It is extremely easy to cast with this lure. All you have to do is push the button to lock the line and release the button when you are at the top of the cast. The weight of the lure and position of your casting will create momentum to drive the line towards the direction the rod is pointing.


  • Easy to use and budget-friendly.
  • Minimal backlash and hence minimum tangles.
  • Great for fishing from the shoreline and tight spaces (as you can cast sidearms).
  • Easy to switch the orientation from left to right hand.
  • Easy to extend line capacity with an additional reel.


  • Less durable. Will not last multiple seasons.
  • Oversized reel.
  • Less drag ability and no distance control.
  • Prone to tangles and twisting.

Spinning Reel

Initially developed for light fishing applications, spinning reels have become more durable nowadays and can handle bigger fish and heavier lures. Along with the ability to cast long distances, these reels can handle a wide range of fishing scenarios. It is no wonder that these reels are preferred over the less expensive spincast reels.

Spinning reels feature an open-face design unlike the spincast reels and use a metal ball to prevent the line from nesting. The reel is mounted on the bottom of the rod for better balance and the drag adjustment is provided at the top of the reel.

Spinning Reel

Casting out with confidence thanks to my reliable spinning reel.

How to use a spinning reel?

When it comes to ease of casting, the spinning lure is more difficult to master when compared to the spincast reel. Even veteran fishermen need to practice before hitting the water. That said, this

Start with disengaging the metal ball while holding the line with your index finger. This will prevent unspooling and tangling before casting. Then, swing the rod from the side or overhead and release your index finger when the swinging motion is halfway through. Lastly, point the tip of the rod in the direction you want your bait to go. You must ensure that to manually return the bail to its starting spot.


  • Comfortable.
  • Allows casting further.
  • Great with light lines and bait.
  • Provides better control and accuracy.


  • If the bail is improperly handled, the lines can tangle.
  • Cannot handle heavy gear and lines well.

Major differences between spincast and spinning reels

  1. Spincast reel is enclosed whereas the spinning reel is open. 
  2. Spincast reel uses a button to release and stop while casting, whereas spinning reel uses fingers.
  3. Spincast reel is easy to cast, but you need to practice with spinning reels for smooth casting.
  4. Spinning reels can cast much further than spincast reels.

To wind off

After reading the above, it is natural to conclude that a spinning reel is a better option of the two. But we recommend a spincast reel for beginners. Fishing is something that should be done with a relaxed frame of mind. Many a newbie has given up on their hobby after having a bad experience with complicated reels.

With easy-to-use equipment, you can devote more attention to other nuances of fishing rather than worrying about untangling fishing lines. This learning will help you be a better fisherman in the long run. With spincast reels being so cheap, they are dispensable and are a great way to start the hobby. Once you get proficient in fishing, you can opt for the more versatile spinning reels to take your fishing to the next level.

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