Things You Need To Know Before Buying Your Snake Proof Boots

Snakes are sneaky creatures. They are stealthy and they move quickly especially when they feel helpless and defenseless. Their ability to move quietly yet quickly makes it easier for them to catch people off guard.

This is why over 8000 people are bitten every year by venomous snakes. What is even scarier, is that most of them were not even outside! The USA alone has over 20 species of venomous snakes. So, having a pair of reliable snake-proof boots can be a lifesaver.

Whether you are an experienced hunter or a novice, choosing the right pair to keep you safe can be hard. This is where we come in. We want to guide you through the things you need to know before getting a pair of snake-proof boots. Getting the right snake-proof boots for you can be what saves your life in the long run.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your Snake Proof Boots

Step fearlessly into the wild with these snake-proof boots.

Hunting can take you anywhere -- this is why watching your every step is a crucial part of it. But even the buffiest hunters can step into snake territory -- and not know it.

Going through grassy and swampy plains and can be unsettling. If you want to make sure that your boots will save your life, make sure you get a top-quality pair.

Most people think that snake-proof boots mean any steel-toed or rubberized pair. But only true snake-proof boots can provide the protection that you would need against venomous snakes.

So here is a couple of points you need to consider if you are thinking of getting a pair.



Stay one step ahead of snakes with these tightly intertwined materials in your boots.

When it comes down to it, you want to make sure that your boots can protect you from the venom and the bite. It would greatly help if you would check out the boots’ materials before getting the pair.

The materials should be fully bite-proof. There are combinations of materials that make up a good pair of bite-proof boots like leather, synthetic weaves, denim, and many more. These materials are intertwined together tightly so any snake would not be able to bite through.



Stay safe on your outdoor adventures with these snake-resistant boots.

Even though making sure that your pair is completely made out of bite-proof materials should be your top priority, you should also consider the pair’s fit and comfort. Hiking can be exhausting, it wouldn’t hurt to be both safe and comfortable, right? Some boots are too stiff, which will hurt your feet. 

This is why choosing a comfortable fit is an investment. Chippewa Boots is actually selling some of the most comfortable, sturdy, and bite-proof snake-boots.


The ability for a pair to be breathable is often left out. Knee-high snake-proof boots are known for letting your feet and calves sweat -- which can cause bad odor. This is why choosing a pair that will allow your calves and feet to breathe.

When you are ready to get your pair of snake-proof boots, make sure that you go for boots that are made breathable to allow air circulation.

You also have to make sure that the boots are great at absorbing moisture -- so you would not sweat as much. But also keep in mind that you should not bargain your boots’ water-resistant feature for a more breathable pair. If possible, go for a pair that has those 2 features.

The Closure


Take on any terrain with confidence, knowing that your boots are fully snake-proof.

When you choose a pair of snake-proof boots, you should never overlook any factors -- even the smallest details matter. The way a boot closes may usually go unnoticed. But what most do not know is the way a boot closes can and will affect the overall performance of the boots.

When choosing your snake-proof boots, it would be great if you went for slip-on ones. Steer clear from those with zippers because zippers can get caught up on twigs and they break easily too, leaving you unprotected from any snake attack. Plus the fact that boots that need to be zipped up can be harder to put on than the slip-on ones.


Listed above are the key points you need to consider when choosing your snake-proof boots. But there is one more factor I haven’t talked about yet, the price. A good snake-boot can typically cost you $100.

But if you are thinking about investing more on top quality pairs, the price would usually be 3 or even 4 times that. When deciding which one to go for, keep in mind that snake-bites are not to be taken lightly -- they can be deadly. With that thought in mind, we think it is so much better to invest in top quality pairs.

This is to make sure that your pair actually does what it was made to do. Think of the couple hundreds you will use as an investment -- an investment to save your life.

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