Waterproof Hiking Boots Buying Guide

Only the bravest and most adventurous souls know the importance of getting the right footwear for their hiking ventures. While it is important to get the right fitness gear to wear, your choice of shoes still has a huge impact on your overall experience. So, why is it important to get proper footwear for your hikes?

It is important to protect your feet while on the hike, but it is also equally important to keep them comfortable and dry throughout the entire activity. You are probably reading this because you want an upgrade for your regular boots. At this point, you may be on the search for the best waterproof hiking boots for your next trip.

To get you the best results for your search, here are a few guidelines that you can follow to make sure you get the right one for you.

Waterproof Hiking Boots Buying Guide

Don't let wet feet ruin your hike, invest in these waterproof boots.

A Useful Buying Guide For Waterproof Hiking Boots

You may be tempted to purchase the first waterproof hiking boots you see online or in stores. While reviews say that it is the best in the market, how sure are you of its suitability for your personal needs and wants? Let us help you make a decision.

Check for its Waterproof Feature

The reason why manufacturers came out with waterproof boots is that they want to provide added protection and comfort to hikers' feet even when traversing through water and snow. This is created with a material that is plastic, non-porous, and rubber.

This allows the utmost protection from moist and wetness throughout your hike. To determine its quality, you may look and check for a thicker lining. This can easily be felt and noticed as it provides extra cushion to the feet.

Decide on a Style

Waterproof boots now come in various forms. You can choose between three styles, the light hiking shoes, mountaineering boots, and backpacking boots. These three have their own unique features; hence, they are made for different settings.

You can go for light hiking shoes if you want a lighter option and want a gear designed for day hiking. Go for mountaineering boots with waterproof features if you plan to traverse snowy paths, rocky territory, or glacial trails as it is made to stand tough terrains.

And go for a backpacking boot if you want to hike on varied terrains and trails. This is sturdy and equipped with a stiff sole.

Mind its Material

A lot of people neglect fabric; hence, they end up disappointed with their purchase. So, when buying waterproof hiking boots, choose the right material for you. You can go for synthetic fabrics which are usually polyester and nylon. These are ideal for those who want lighter and faster drying capabilities.

Another option would be split-grain leather. This is usually made of half synthetics and half leather. This is both breathable and durable. On the other hand, you can also choose full-grain leather. This is definitely durable and made for rough terrain and trails.

These are heavier and usually less breathable. But in all three, you can always opt to have a waterproof feature.

Choose a Cut

If you want the best experience, you have to choose the right cut for your boots. This comes as a priority as the wrong cut can cause great discomfort and even roll down your ankles. You can choose a low-cut which is the same with running shoes. These are lightweight and ideal for well-maintained trails.

A mid-cut can be used if you want to invest on balance and ankle support. This is effective in working as protection for trails that may have debris. And finally, a high-cut can be considered for the best protection amidst dangerous terrain. This also provides solid ankle support and balance.

Get the Right Size

What good are boots if they do not fit you perfectly? You must choose a pair of waterproof boots that give you enough room for movement, especially in the toe area. This should be fit and able to fit snugly on around the ball of your foot.

When you choose shoes that allow your heels to float while in use, you subject yourself to developing blisters overtime. The key to getting the right fit would be to try them on. Spare enough room for your socks, and check out the boot’s lacing mechanism for the best result.

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Go for a Test Run

Once you make the purchase, break it in by wearing it around the house or the neighborhood. Wear it for hours while performing your daily activities.

When you feel any type of discomfort with just a simple walk in the day, then this may not be the right pair to wear on your trekking and hiking trip. Check out alternatives or any other way to make it more comfortable on your test run.


Trekking and hiking can now be done without unnecessary discomfort and inconveniences. You can now purchase waterproof hiking boots to give you the best experience you need.

Choosing the right one using the guidelines mentioned above will allow you to trek on varied terrains with utmost protection and comfort. You can now say goodbye to injured and wet feet along the trails. So make sure to choose the right one for you.

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