Why Is The Compass Important | When And Why Should I Carry A Compass?

All the walkers, hikers, adventurers, backpackers, all simmer down to one meaning, which is – People who love to wander around the world.

Ever wondered how these people choose their route, how they manage to get along the right direction, or how they manage to get into the location they had planned to go? Well, the younger “Yo-Yo” generation will instantly say “Google Maps, of course!”.

Why is the Compass important

Finding direction: The compass has been a crucial tool for navigation since ancient times.

But, how did the people used to decide their route a few decades ago when Google Maps was not even there? Yes, compass it is, which still stands swift in guiding people to locate them, choose their route, and navigate their destination wisely!

This little magnetic pointer creates wonder by showing us the proper location, guiding us in the right direction, and navigating accurately to make us reach the required destination.

A brief intro to the logic used:

Just so you know, the compass can be seen pointing accurately to the North Pole and then it identifies the angles of the other fundamental directions.

So, this puts us forward to discussing when should you carry the compass.


The walkers, hikers, or adventurers love to explore the world by opting to choose different directions and reaching their desired destinations.

Why is the Compass important

Precision and accuracy: The compass provides a level of accuracy that cannot be achieved with other navigation methods.

While in the middle of their adventure, there are high chances of losing the track, getting to go in the wrong direction, and getting lost.

So, to ensure that you are right on track or to get back in track, to know your current location, or to navigate to your desired destination, this compass can create wonders by making you keep up the pace by guiding you in the right direction. Every single time.

Even if you want to explore the city, which is totally new to you, the compass has got just the right direction for you! Go ahead and focus on reaching your destination or simply wandering and exploring every nook and corner of the city or the country without having the fear to get lost!

Amazing! Isn’t it? Now, let’s scratch the surface of why exactly the compass is recommended to carry along. So, that’s how you can figure out the importance and benefits of carrying a compass. Shall we?


Power cut?

Ah! Not a big deal. We got this! As compass doesn’t really need any electrical power/source to operate (except night illumination), it really doesn’t make any difference even if you are stuck in a place where there is no electricity.


It is a proven fact that the compass is stable enough when compared to the ordinary fluxgate compass. Why not? It is stable enough to fix all your problems, clear all your doubts or questions like “How am I supposed to go now?”, “Which direction should I choose?”!

It shows you the location and gets you back in the track by guiding you and navigating you in the right direction.

Pro tip:

The more, the merrier!:

Make sure you carry the compass in which the compass card diameter is big enough. Whenever you find yourself lost in the middle of your journey, you might panic at that moment. Don’t worry! It’s a natural human instinct!

So, while in panic, you might get frustrated to spot the location if you carry the compass with a smaller compass card diameter. If you carry bigger ones, you might be relieved instantly as you can spot yourself easily, quickly, and instantly!

Just in case:

Well, if you are planning to carry only one big, huge compass for the whole journey, then, you might cuss yourself if you (God forbid) lost it on the go!

When and Why Should I Carry A Compass

Mapping the way: The compass played a critical role in the Age of Exploration, enabling sailors to chart new territories.

So, instead of carrying only one big compass, add an extra compass to your bag. Nowadays, you can find these cute little compasses which can be used as a key chain. They hardly need any space!

You can even safely place it in a small pocket in your bag and make a mental note of where exactly you have kept it.

So, in case you lost the big one, you can fix it by getting back on track with the help of the smaller, spare one! Happy wandering!

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